Copyright 2015 Yancy Lael & Chance Martin

Copyright 2015 Yancy Lael & Chance Martin

We already know that we, as women, tend to be super critical of ourselves - not just the way we look, but who we think we are, too. We don't often recognize our accomplishments or the qualities that make us shine.

Sadly, while all wrapped up in our blanket of self-love-lack, we may become too distracted to really *see* anything around us. Routines become automated habits and our relationships can fall into negative patterns. We see all those things that are annoying in another person - or maybe we just forget to notice them, at all. Daughters, sisters, mothers, best friends, co-workers - they all file by in a haze.

But think of this: If you're aching for someone to notice you, to tell you, " are beautiful and special. I see you." then you can bet your bottom dollar that other women are feeling this aching need, as well. Even those women who seem so confident and strong and who give a flippant "Thanks" in response to a compliment - inside, where you can't see, you may have just given their parched soul a glass of water.

So please take a moment today to see someone. And this isn't always easy. Telling a woman - especially someone you love - that she looks beautiful is pretty non-threatening. Hopefully, you do it all the time. But telling someone (someone you love or don't know very well) that you see them...well, that can be all kinds of awkward. But the result - whether you get to see it or not - is immense. You've fed someone's spirit.

There is no greater gift.

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And hey...I see you.