Soulful Skincare Strategy Session


Soulful Skincare Strategy Session


You’re struggling with your skin. Maybe you just have some frustrating breakouts here or there. Perhaps you are experiencing inflammation and irritation. Or maybe your skin is a full-on mess. You’ve gone to the dermatologist, you’ve tried every brand on the market and you’ve Googled your little heart out. Yet still, you aren’t satisfied with what you see in the mirror each day.

You deserve to look and feel beautiful. You deserve to have glowing skin. And I’ll tell you a secret: Glowing, healthy skin is a natural function of your body.

So, why isn’t it happening?

This consultation is for you.

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Why is this consultation any different than what I’ve tried before?

You’ve tried the dermatologist. Maybe more than one. You’ve tried dozens – literally – of products and spent hundreds of dollars on them, on pills, on topical treatments.

I know. I’ve been there.

I had to take my healing into my own hands, using information I’ve gleaned over my 20 year struggle.

My approach is like nothing you’ve ever encountered.

I’m not going to encourage you to try yet more new products.

I’m not going to help you create a stringent, hardcore skincare regimen.

I’m not going to tell you to adopt the latest fad diet or give up your favorite foods.

My practice of soulful skincare works from the inside out.

It means cultivating the mindset of self-care, self-acceptance and self-love.

It means learning how to love what you see in the mirror, no matter what.

It means reconnecting with your deepest sense of self-worth so that you can greet each day with a sense of confidence no matter what your skin looks like.

It means changing your thinking about your skin and learning to have faith in your body again.

It means developing the intuition that will guide you to a lifetime of clearer, healthier skin.

It means becoming more intimate with your body's needs so that you can respond in a manner that will enhance your inner and outer glow.

It means learning how to navigate the misleading promises of the cosmetic industry and becoming a savvy consumer who knows how to find what her skin needs.

It means challenging your thought and behavioral patterns regarding your skin.

Soulful skincare isn’t a quick fix, a Band-Aid or spiritual mumbo jumbo.

It’s a radically transformational process that keeps the spirit, rather than the skin, on center stage. Because when your soul glows, your body will, too.

Just look at my skin - that’s the best testimonial I can give!
— Jayma

Who is this program for?

::You have struggled with skin problems for years, or perhaps are experiencing your first bout with skin problems, out of the blue.

::You’ve been to the dermatologist (or more than one) and did not get the results you wanted. Or you are reluctant to go, in the hopes that this problem will magically disappear.

::You’ve tried so many solutions, including “going natural” and you've have marginal success or none at all.

::You are ready to take a risk and try non-traditional methods of skincare.

::You are ready to start treating your skin like an investment, rather than “the enemy.”

::You are patient and open-minded and believe in the powers of the mind and spirit.

::You can feel your glow inside, somewhere down deep, and are ready to let others witness it.

::You want to reclaim your beauty, inside and out.

After years of struggling, your simple advice helped me finally start healing!
— Amy

The Value Breakdown

How much have you spent on your skin in the past six months? In the past year? If you are anything like me, that number is in the hundreds.

Here’s a glimpse into the typical expenditures of a woman dealing with skin problems:

$25 for the latest acne-fighting skincare line

$60 for a tube of retinoid cream

$100 (give or take, depending on your insurance and doctor) for a 10-minute visit with your dermatologist

$75 for the anti-aging serum recommended in your favorite magazine (which doesn’t seem to work)

$50 for the natural moisturizers you bought at the health food store – that you never use because you’re afraid they’ll make you break out more

$50 for the foundation, concealers and mineral powders you use in the desperate hope of covering up your problematic skin

$25 for the vegan, raw and paleo cookbooks that promised you better health and glowing skin

(And this is all not counting the chemical peels, facials, green juice, essential oils and other little luxuries that promise us clear, glowing skin.)

The total cost: $385

The actual cost:

Constant upkeep from using short-term solutions.

The stress, frustration and financial strain of trying more and more products and services that don’t deliver the goods.

The discomfort of irritated, inflamed skin that’s at the mercy of merciless acne treatments.

The anxiety of not knowing what to expect with your skin, which is in a constant state of imbalance.

The potential for scarring and other damage that lasts a lifetime.

The cost of a 20-minute consultation with me: $75

My methods will give you:

::Long-term solutions for radically changing your skin…and your perception of your skin (which is half the battle)

::Methods for building your confidence right now, no matter what your skin looks like

::Tips to help start improving your skin’s health today

::Freedom from the myths the cosmetic industry sells

::Spiritual, mental and physical practices to help you create healthy skin for life

How it works:

1. Fill out this questionnaire. (Don't worry, it's totally private and filling out the questionnaire is 100% no obligation!) After I review it, I will contact you within 3 business days with a no-obligation proposal about how I intend to approach your situation. This will help me assure you that we'll be using our time together as efficiently as possible.

2. If you are happy with the proposal, I'll ask you to sign a very important contract. It's more than just the agreement between you and me - it's part of the healing process. Yep, I'm totally serious. This contract is my way of making sure my clients are truly ready to glow.

3. After you have signed and returned the contract, you'll purchase the consultation here and then we will book your appointment. You'll receive the phone number to call at the time of our appointment and our session will be recorded so you can refer to it as often as you need!

It's going to rock your world.

You have brought so much light to my life and you helped me find my glow!
— Cathy


What if I book a session and change my mind?

All of my coaching services are designed specifically for people who are determined, motivated and ready to take serious action on behalf of their healing. I have created a very detailed entry process that only the truly committed will complete. Once you get to the point of purchase, both you and I will know that you are in this to win this!

Twenty minutes doesn't seem like a very long time - will I be able to get my questions answered?

Twenty minutes of watching your favorite TV show seems to fly by, but twenty minutes of intense, deep conversation is plenty of time to get to the heart of your issues. By filling out the no-obligation questionnaire (above), I will have a chance to look over your questions and prompt you for more information, if necessary. Keep in mind, I'll be doing a lot of pre-consultation prep work for you so we can use that twenty minutes as effectively as possible. And if you're still worried about twenty minutes not being enough time, sit down and try to meditate for twenty minutes - you'll see how long it really is! ;)

How can I be assured that you can help me?

My expertise comes from the best source imaginable: My personal experience. I struggled with my skin for 20 years - from minor to severe acne and everything in between. Everything I know came from hard-won successes built upon trial and error, research and experimentation. All you have to do is look at my skin today to see I've got the goods to back up my claims!

I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in a consultation. Is there a way I can learn more about your methods with a smaller investment?

Absolutely! Check out my books Glowing: Soulful Skincare ($14.95) and Sensible, Simple Skincare ($2.99). You can also keep up with my blog (free!).

All I can say is: THANK YOU!
— Stephanie


Please be aware that this is, primarily, a spiritual, mental and emotional program. I am not a medical professional, and as such, I cannot discuss the treatment of acne - my focus is on the cultivation of a clear complexion. By law, I must keep the consultation on a cosmetic, rather than medical level.


You must be 18 in order to use this service. By purchasing this service, you acknowledge that you are seeking cosmetic advice, only, and that you will take full responsibility for the actions you take from the information you receive during this consultation. There are no refunds for this service, and no refunds for cancellations. Please contact me immediately if you need to reschedule a consultation.

Please note that if I do not receive your call within seven minutes of your scheduled appointment, it will be considered a cancellation. Additionally, if you are late calling in to your session, please remember that this will cause your consultation time to be truncated, as I must respect the appointments of my other clients.