Don't wait for someone to love you in order to feel loved. Love yourself, first. Love yourself, always. 

In 2009, I traveled to France with a man who was, at the time, my ex-boyfriend. We had already broken up twice by then, but during our trip, I fell more in love with him than ever. I longed to be with him, but ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be.

In the weeks that followed, my heartbreak was overwhelming. I knew I had to remember what was really important: loving myself and not waiting for him, or any man, to give me the love I was failing to give myself. I decided to write myself love notes for 30 days and see where I ended up.

Those letters became this book, which is my gift to you. All of you ladies, single or married and everything in between, whatever sexual orientation you may be, wherever you might be in life. I hope that you will read these notes to yourself and remember that no love is more important than the love you give yourself and the love you allow yourself to receive from the Divine.

You’ve already got it all. Don’t forget that. 

An excerpt:

Day 10

Dear Me,

You are tempted to go back. He has opened the door again. You want to walk through. You want him to welcome you back with open arms and shield you from this world. You want to see his smile again. You want to hear him say, “I love you.” You want him to love you so badly.

No matter what you decide, you still have the same lesson to learn. You must count on yourself to move you forward, and let the rest fall where it will. You must be strong in yourself. You must follow your heart. You must not be afraid to stand on your own, with or without him.

You have everything you need right here, whether you are with him or not.

Love, Me