My name is Yancy and I'm a storyteller. 

Stories have always been the medicine of the soul. They are full of secret messages and symbols that our minds often miss. Our souls, however, pick up the meaning, often subconsciously. These secret messages and symbols help us find our way along our soul's path. We get this medicine not just through stories, but also art, music, photography, and film. 

These stories, in all their forms, often lead us straight into the woods - a magical journey into the underworld where we meet our shadows and cultivate the heroine within. There was a time, not so long ago, in which our ancestors became afraid of the woods, forgetting the value of the stories and shadows that lived there. 

Women, however, have always remembered. We've always been the shamans, fairies, and witches who have known how to take the medicine of stories, alchemize it, share it with others, and even create more. Women have always been at home in the woods. Unafraid. We are the wild ones, the story tellers. And we remember exactly where we belong.