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One night in the woods changed everything. Mary Raedwolfe returned home that night bloodied and bruised. Her family shocked the entire town by naming Homecoming King Peter Wilson as the perpetrator. Mary, however, had a certain reputation, and as such, no one believed her story.

But seven years later, now that she has returned, the question can no longer be ignored: What really happened to Mary Raedwolfe?

"This book is hauntingly beautiful. The writer has a flowing, magical, spellbinding style that draws you in and brings you fully into the world she creates." 


What would you do if your sister knocked on your door after 7 years?


"I'm in love with all the characters in this book." 

Photo by C. Martin

Photo by C. Martin

I'm Yancy Lael (Ly-ELLE) the author of The Poison Box. I'm a storyteller, and an artist. I've always been the record keeper in my family, the historian, the collector of stories. I cherish my stories, and the stories that come to me through the Muses. Stories are the best kind of soul medicine we have in this world. 

I make stories with photographs, art, music, and of course, in my favorite way: with words. And I find all my inspiration in nature. I live (even if only metaphorically) in the deep, dark forest, roaming the endless deer trails alongside my closest companions, the Great Horned Owls and my wild canine friends.

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"[The Poison Box] is an unexpected novel in that it is a true piece of art; not a fluff piece or a guilty pleasure. It is an unflinchingly honest and deeply symbolic glimpse into aspects of human behavior and archetypal truths."