And my word for 2015 is...


It came to me immediately, when I asked my intuition what my word should be – but as usual, I doubted the message, wondering if there was another, somehow more profound word I should pick. And like always, the universe responded with clear confirmation – several articles that came my way about the concept of giving light, being light, seeking light, and all with the word “light” in capital letters. Message received!

  Photograph (c) Yancy Lael & C. Martin, 2014.

Photograph (c) Yancy Lael & C. Martin, 2014.

So this is my Light Manifesto:

*LIGHT*en up

Dwell on the light. Be willing to examine, then (most importantly) let go of dark, heavy emotions. Choose emotions that help my soul feel light. Choose foods and portions that help my body feel light. Choose constructive ways to express and explore the darkness. Take life less seriously. Let go of the weight of the past. Let go of physical possessions I no longer need or want. Let go of outdated expectations.


Get back to my meditation practice. Give thanks before every meal. Connect more. Pray more. Lead by example, not by the statement of opinions.


Get down from my head (and all the over-thinking) and allow myself to descend, settle into and rest in this physical world, exactly as I am in any given moment.


Look for the joy in every moment. Believe that the birthright of every living being is delight. Allow the experience of letting delight into the most mundane tasks. Give in to wonder. Be a source of delight to others – bring joy into the life of every living being.


Set clear intentions and always keep priorities in mind. Less internet surfing, more living life. Less people-pleasing, more serving. Remember the good stuff, forget the bad. See the good in others and myself; don’t focus on the flaws.

give it the green *LIGHT*

Say yes more. Give myself permission. Just do it.

tread *LIGHT*ly

Keep working on leaving a small carbon footprint. Don’t give up on eco-activism. Find a way to contribute to a worthy cause. And…try to stop butting into other people’s problems.

*LIGHT* up a room

Be a happy, light-filled presence. Contribute to the energy of a room by putting my best self forward. Expand my energy field to encompass everyone nearby. Smile more. Find joyful things to talk about. Find common ground. Share.

make *LIGHT* work

Ask for help more often.

shine the *LIGHT*

Act more, speak less. Face fears with faith. Light up the dark places. Help others – give them light by which to see. Never allow fear to dictate my choices. Put myself out there. Step out of the comfort zone.

let there be *LIGHT*

Forgive. Reach for the light. Remember I have a choice between light and dark, always. Take the well-lit road, or take a lantern down the dark path. Don’t get distracted by the darkness. Pray for the light. Commit to the pursuit of light. Don't fight the light.

*LIGHT* of my life

Remember who I am. Remember who made me. Remember the light from which I come. Remember that I am the light of a certain someone’s life always and forever, unconditionally.

And here's a little Pinspiration for you.

What is your word or guiding intention for 2015?