A Fetching Fairytale


My beautiful friend, Kris Oster recently released her first book, Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood.  I credit this woman with helping me become more and more “myself” both through my website and my work. It’s because of her that my beautiful Little Red Riding Hood photographs emerged. I never would have had the guts to share that part of myself without Kris – and now I look back on this epic moment in my personal and professional evolution and I think, “How could I have ever hidden this part of myself?”

Today, I am very excited to participate in a fellow author’s blog tour. Below, I’m sharing my “Fetching Fairytale.” I also want to give this book a huge plug – friend or no friend, I can say with absolute conviction that Kris Oster is a miracle worker and an incredibly magical soul. Her work is empowering, original and wonderfully creative. If you purchase her book by October 23, 2015, you’ll get FREE access to her 8-week branding course based on the book – this includes feedback, via a private Facebook group, from the author who has been working in marketing for over 20 years (with clients like Paramount Pictures and E! Networks). I can say, having had personal experience working with Kris, that this is an experience not to be missed!

Now…on to my Fetching Fairytale*…

Once upon a time, a curious young woman named Yancy, lived in a mysterious forest. During the day, she foraged in the woods for healing herbs to mix into her medicinal products that she sold at the village market. At night, neighbors and travelers gathered around her hearth to hear her enchanting stories.

One day, she woke in horror to find that she had lost her voice. She ran through the village, desperately trying to communicate her ailment to the other healing women, hoping they could help her. But alas, none could find a cure.

In despair, she ran into the forest, only stopping when exhaustion overcame her. She fell asleep on the banks of a creek. When she woke, it was just after dawn.

As she took in her surroundings, a fox bounded over the creek, coming to stand beside her.

“You must make your own path,” he said, softly. “Listen to your desire and follow its voice, no matter where it takes you.”

Suddenly, an owl swooped down from the sky, perching on a branch just above them. “The wisdom of your ancestors is all around you. Listen to them.”

Yancy returned home that evening and sat down to write. She wrote the stories she had never dared to tell. She even wrote about her own life, baring her soul on the page. She gave these manuscripts to her father, who lovingly delivered them to the monastery north of the village, where the scribes painstakingly turned her words into beautiful books.

One day, a woman from the village approached her, grabbing her hand. “Your book helped my daughter. Thank you so much.” A few minutes later, another woman approached, hugging Yancy. “I finally know I’m not alone in my struggle. Thank you for sharing your story.”

“You’re welcome,” Yancy said, feeling the joy of these soulful connections. Suddenly, she realized her voice had returned to her. She ran straight home and pulled out her parchment and quill. She wrote and wrote and wrote.

And she lived happily ever after.

(*True to the fiction writer that I am, I went a tad off-template for this...but the spirit remains the same. Check out Kris's book so you can work on this, yourself! Who knows what beautiful, archetypal creature will arise!)