Acne Face Mapping And Your Health

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If eyes are the windows to your soul, then your skin is the reflection of your
internal health. When you're healthy, your skin shows it, by glowing and looking
vibrant. But the inverse is just the same. Sickly people tend to have graying or
yellowy skin that's rough or dry.

 (c) 2014 Yancy Lael

(c) 2014 Yancy Lael

There is an ancient belief that the location of your acne can determine issues
occurring within your body. For anyone who suffers from acne in the same areas
constantly - there could be a reason for that, and it might have nothing to do with
the oil on your face. Of course, acne face mapping is not an exact science. While
internal problems can be one cause of your flare ups, there are often times many
other reasons why you may suffer from acne, particularly if you get cystic
pimples. Other factors could include skincare products, allergies, genes, and
hormones. However, by understanding what it might mean when you get acne in
a particular facial zone, you can take one step closer to enjoying healthier and
happier skin.

The facial zones of acne face mapping*

The forehead - Acne found on the forehead is believed to be the cause of
digestive problems, small intestine issues, liver issues, an irregular sleep
schedule, stress, bad tempers, too much sugar, or toxin buildup (often caused by
bangs, dirty hats or hair products).

Solutions - Early to bed, early to rise. Even if you don't fall asleep, laying in bed
can relax your body. Exercise 20 - 30 minutes per day, reduce refined sugar and
check your shampoos and conditioners to see if they're irritating your skin.

Temples/between brows - For the temples, the believed cause of acne is poor
lymphatic circulation, a diet too high in fat, gallbladder issues or too many
processed foods. For between the brows, the potential causes are a weak heart,
too much alcohol or too much tobacco.

Solutions - Eat less processed foods, eat cooling foods like melons and cucumbers
and reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet. Also, avoid alcohol, smoking
and late-night snacks.

Nose - Acne on the nose is believed to be caused by a poor diet, constipation,
bloating, or poor blood flow.

Solutions - Eat less spicy foods (including garlic), eat less meat and salt. Eat warm
temperature foods and massage the area around your nose to increase circulation.

Cheeks - Acne on the right cheek could be caused by issues with your lungs,
allergies, too much sugar, or dirty cell phones or pillows. Acne on the left cheek
could be caused by overeating, stress, hard to absorb nutrition or, again, dirty cell
phones or pillows.

Solutions - Stay positive, don't overeat, practice proper hygiene, schedule difficult
work for earlier in the morning, and clean your cell phones with rubbing alcohol.

Lips - Acne can be found here, possibly, because of constipation, irregular
bowels, too much spicy or fried foods, or because of your toothpaste.

Solutions - Eat more fiber, include more fresh whole foods in your diet, eat less
spicy and fried foods and massage your abdominal area in a clockwise motion.

Chin and jaw - Acne found here could be caused by hormonal problems, kidney
imbalance or even because you rest your hands on your face too often.

Solutions - Don't eat just before bed, get 20 minutes of exercise per day, take
omega-3s to regulate hormones, and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

One step toward a full solution

While science suggests there are other reasons for acne, there's no disputing that
your skin reflects your inner health. Listening to what your skin is saying about
your body is the first step toward overall health. The next step is to read our other
on skincare and acne. Then, when you're ready, take a few minutes to
fill out our free questionnaire, which will get you on track to developing a skincare
program customized for you.