The Real Green: Cloth Toilet Paper

Try not to freak out – I know this one sounds gross, but it was only #1 and I was the only one who used it. Not so bad, right? Well….

Yeah, the few people I told about this experiment were pretty grossed out by it, too. (Former Boyfriend said nothing about it, at the time I tried it – I can only imagine what he thought!) The funny thing is, what embarrasses me is how much time I spent on this project – not that I used cloth TP.

I spent hours and hours cutting up flannel sheets and surging around the edges so they wouldn’t fray in the washing machine. I washed them every time the bucket filled up and then restacked the clean sheets back in their basket.

This process of washing and stacking them took hours every week. After two years, I eventually got sick of spending all the time maintaining the system, and into the garbage they went. Yep, I probably did more harm than good in that one!

I know many people think cloth toilet paper is pretty radical. Why did I go that far? I’m still not sure. I think I was really in love with the idea because it made me feel like I was “hard core green.” Looking back, I have very clear memories about how good it made me feel to have cloth TP in my house. Something about it made me feel like I was making a huge difference. But as I said, eventually, I couldn’t justify spending that much time on it and it turned out to be more harm than good.

I'm glad I tried it, though. It may not have been a sustainable system for me, but it was something I needed to try, needed to experience. Next green bathroom project...maybe a compost toilet....? Wink, wink!

P.S. I'm so sad I didn't have any pictures of my cloth toilet paper collection to share here. I remember taking pictures for my original blog, but I must have deleted them over the years.