Curses and Spells

I love it when one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Caroline Myss, talks about negative beliefs in what she calls “the language of alchemy”: curses and spells.  Being a lover of stories and fairy tales, that language works pretty well for me!

Whether we use this symbolic language or not, I think many people don’t realize just how much of their lives are dictated by the belief in curses and spells. Quite simply, these are any beliefs that have more power over our energetic circuitry than we do. They are beliefs that run on automatic pilot and that organize our energy in an unconscious manner.

These curses and spells can be beliefs like:

You’ll never find love after the age of 40.

You have to have a college degree to get “that” job.

Men are only attracted to fit women.

I’ll break out if I eat that doughnut.

They might also simply be a mood or circumstance that pops up again and again that you just can’t seem to shake.

One of my big “curses” has been what I call The Early Morning Black Hole. When I was in middle school, dealing with serious bully and harassment issues, I became terrified to go to school each day. Every time my alarm went off at 5:30AM, I was filled with terror, depression and helplessness. The entire hour and a half of prep time and commuting was a fog of those negative feelings and wondering why no one seemed to understand.

Those feelings became so ingrained, so habitual, that they followed me through my teen years and beyond. Every time my alarm went off, the feelings descended upon me like Dementors from Azkaban Prison.

It wasn’t until this past year that I finally acknowledged this was a “curse.” My energetic circuitry had rerouted itself decades ago and because I did not remain conscious about what was happening, it showed no signs of changing. No, I realized, I wasn’t going to “grow out of it,” if I hadn’t by now and if I wanted to break this curse, I was going to have to face it and ask for help.

Just naming it as a curse was the first step in the right direction. Ultimately, curses aren’t real, after all. Curses are illusions that have “bought” us for the lowest bid at the auction.

Thankfully, there’s always a higher bidder, someone or something with a lot more gold in the coffers. Someone or something that made all the stars in the sky – now that’s some serious bling.

For a long time, when I’d wake in the morning and start to feel this curse settle upon me like Maleficent’s sleeping curse, I’d pray to the Divine: “Please help me remember that this is just a curse. Just an illusion. Please help me get control of my spirit again. Help me let go of the need to let this lesser energy manage my energetic body. Help me remember that I am made of You and You are so much bigger than this dark magic.”

Miraculously, every time I made even the simplest prayer (“Help me remember this is just a curse”), I could feel the “curse” lifting. It was an almost immediate response. And as time went on, I felt less fear, less darkness and more possibility. My fearful memories from the past stopped having the last word, and the promise of the bright sun became bigger than any curse that could have come my way.

What kinds of “curses” are you living under? Have you tried to break free from them?