Flowing, Growing, Changing Nature

As the equinox approaches and we transition into another season, it is important to remember that our bodies, like any part of nature, are always changing. If you have begun using natural ingredients in your beauty routine, you will likely find, at some point, that they don't work consistently throughout the year. I've known many people to give up at this point and think that it was just a fluke that it worked at all in the first place. But we have to remember that we change and therefore, what we use on our bodies will have to change with us. This is particularly true when the weather/season changes or when we experience a transition in our lives. We often don't realize just how much our bodies change not just seasonally, but every single day. This is particularly true for women. What are we dealing with?

::Hormonal fluctuations

::Stress (this literally changes our bodies' chemistry)

::Nutritional imbalances/changes

::Amount of sleep we get each night

::Exposure to pollutants (ingested, inhaled, etc.)

::Amount of exercise we get each day

::Exposure to (or lack of) fresh air

::Hydration levels

::Humidity, sun exposure, temperature

This short list covers a few of the many things that affect our bodies every single day.

I think in this culture, we are taught to strive for static perfection when it comes to our bodies. Clean, clear, healthy skin, the ideal weight for our body type  and height, etc. We have to realize that that ideal is completely unrealistic. In the wise words of Greek philosopher Heraclitus: "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

It's a miraculous thought to realize how much change we experience from moment to moment, and how the changes in our bodies are influenced by external events. And how the changes our bodies experience go on to influence MORE change in the world.

Try to remember this when your routine of baking soda and ACV doesn't work on your hair one day, or your natural deodorant recipe fails you out of the blue. Don't give up on your natural skin care if your skin suddenly becomes flaky or you break out more than usual. Breathe and adjust. It often only takes the slightest change to "fix" the problem.

::Switch back and forth between homemade shampoo (or organic baby shampoo) and baking soda/ACV when your hair seems unresponsive. Or try just washing it out with water.

::If you use a homemade deodorant recipe like the one I use and it stops working suddenly, try simply dusting your underarms with plain baking soda, or try a commercial brand, like Terressentials roll-ons.

::If your skin becomes too dry or too oily, try different oils, oil combinations, or try eliminating or reducing your moisturizer for a while. Make your own lotions using cocoa or shea butter and oils in the winter, and just plain oil in the summer. Use less, use more, cut back on one application here or there (or daily) and see what happens.

Don't be afraid, discouraged or frustrated if (when) a natural routine seems to stop working. This is...well, natural. By altering your routine just a little bit, you will often find a quick solution, and will likely be able to go back to your normal routine after a short period of time. Experiment and have fun - don't give up! :)