Lessons From My Fox: There’s Treasure in the Moment

Since my sweet companion passed away, I have been overwhelmed with all the things he taught me (things I’m still trying to learn). I wanted to share those things here, as my way of honoring that precious creature.

One of the greatest lessons he taught me is that there is always treasure in the moment, no matter how awful things might seem.

I have been working on this one for a long time, long before he passed away. There were many times when I was successfully grateful for the blessings in my life even when circumstances were rough. But I have found that there’s a difference between feeling gratitude for what we have and noticing the actual riches in a situation that are always there. And I mean riches.

One of my great struggles in life, as with many women, has been tumultuous and impermenant romantic relationships. I have always wanted to find a stable, gentle man and settle down to raise a family. The difficulty I’ve had in achieving that seemingly simple goal has been the cause of great sadness for me.

I remember when Former Boyfriend moved out, several friends asked, “How can you stay in that house with all those memories? Doesn't it make you sad?”

It didn’t. Yes, there were memories in every room that reminded me of the love I lost. But underneath it all was the house that I made into a home – the loving intention that I put into everything.

Imagine my surprise when it was the loss of my dog that made me question my ability to stay in this house. There it was: I missed my dog far more than I missed the man I thought I would marry.

That’s when I realized, my dog was the prince I had wanted so badly for so long. He protected me and loved me unconditionally. He waited for me at the door when I came home, went on walks with me and gave me something to look forward to each and every day. He was always there for me – my constant companion.

I feel I was pretty aware of what a blessing I had in that dog during the time we were together. And yet, how did I miss that one, huge truth? He wasn’t just a wonderful pet to appreciate – he was what I had hoped and wished for all my life.

In the days following his death, I am finding it hard to see treasure in anything, I admit. But I am trying to keep this lesson in mind for when I am able to process things more clearly. I’m trying to remember that there is more than simple things to notice, to be grateful for – there are miracles and wishes come true and prayers answered in every situation.