Look yourself in the eye...and love what you see

Doesn't it annoy you when your gorgeous friend always comments on the pictures you post of her: "OMG, why did you post that? I look awful!" "OMG, look at my hair!" "Ugh, what an awful picture of me!" Don't you just want to shake her and say, "You're so pretty, so shut up!"

Now be honest - do you do the same thing to your friends? But you think it's okay, cuz you're way uglier than that one particular gorgeous friend?

Or maybe you have no idea what you're talking about and in reality, you're just pissing your friends off with your self-criticism. Did it ever occur to you that when people share pictures of their times with you on their social media accounts that they are simply trying to share the fun memories you built together and that when you turn it into a roast of your physical appearance, you are sucking all the fun out of it?

Does this criticism cause you to avoid having your picture taken, in general? Do you cover your face when your husband or sister tries to video you at family gatherings? Do you make your friends ask for your approval before they post a picture of you? Do you feel like hiding when you see a picture of yourself? Does it make you insanely uncomfortable to watch a video of yourself?

Maybe it's time for you to look yourself in the eye and accept and love what you see there. There is beauty within you that you haven't even noticed yet.

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