My Face on Honey

I'm so happy to have a guest post today by one of my favorite bloggers, EcoYogini! Here, she talks about using honey as a facial cleanser - something I have done many times in the past and find very effective! Enjoy! I have always been a face product junkie. From those acne wipe circle thingys to using face wash, exfoliant, toner and moisturizer. I've never really had much face issues, until my twenties. All of a sudden my face hated me, so I spent a ridiculous amount of money on Aveda face products and more recently Eminence. I now have acne and very sensitive skin that flames bright red after even the most 'sensitive skin' proclaiming products.

About six weeks ago my Eminence face wash ran out. Serendipitously, I had just read Yancy's blog post about alternative face washes where she mentioned honey. I thought, what the eff, why not? I have local honey- if my face explodes I'll stop using it. Six weeks later and it now has replaced almost exclusively my face washing routine. I thought I might be a little crazy, I mean how is this actually cleaning my face?

Then I read Crunchy Betty's 'Honey Face Wash' challenge series. Hah!! I KNEW it!

Why would you want to wash your face with honey:

1. It's CHEAP. No seriously, this was a deciding factor for me. I'm so tired of spending a jabillion dollars on my face wash that is usually filled with chemicals.

2. Honey is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Lots of people use it as a preserving agent. This means that it naturally cleans out those acne creating nasties!

3. According to Crunchy Betty, it's *slightly* drying so it will get rid of extra oil on your face. I have found differently- see my observations below.

4. It's beautifully moisturizing, not too much and not too little.

5. Honey has beneficial enzymes, especially raw honey.

6. According to Crunchy Betty, Honey is good for all skin types!

7. Honey has healing properties which is great for acne or scarring.

8. It's completely natural, no icky chemicals soaking in your skin!

You can find fabulous tips, advice and step by steps on Crunchy Betty's Honey Challenge series- I highly suggest you take a little peak. I found her posts helpful, but I've kept it pretty darn simple. Here's what I discovered as being the best routine for my face.

Feeling a bit like a huge crunchy granola, I cleaned out one of my small glass jars that used to contain locally made moisturizing lotion and poured in a whole bunch of local honey. Unfortunately, I've had some difficulty finding raw honey locally, although I will admit that I haven't searched that hard.

I stuck the jar in the shower, since that's where I wash my face. Every morning I unscrew the jar cap, and pour about a tablespoon of honey in my palm. I rub both hands together to spread the honey and in circular motions I massage the honey into my cheeks, nose, temple- just as I would my regular face wash. With the face cloth I wipe away the honey gently and... voila! That's it!

What I was pleasantly surprised to notice:

1. My acne actually didn't get worse. I haven't noticed a magical improvement, I still get acne, but it definitely has not gotten worse and I may even go as far to say that it's improving slightly.

2. My skin feels SO much better after using honey than when I periodically use my John Master's Organics face wash that I purchased on a whim in Montréal. I use this face wash about once a week, just so it won't go to waste, after which my face feels tight, dry and looks red. Honey NEVER does this. My skin on honey is soft, clean and not inflamed. It's magical.

I'll admit, I don't just use honey in my face washing routine. I still use moisturizer, although I use much less and about once a week I use a fabulous gentle face scrub made from oatmeal and lavender. As soon as it runs out I'm going to try to make my own- the oatmeal is amazing for softening my skin. I would have never guessed.

As someone who has *never* in a million years used makeup remover, I used to just rub away with the face cloth (yes I know, so harsh on that delicate skin!), I wondered what to do about that pesky mascara and concealer on my eyes. About a week ago I found some jojoba oil I had lying around. Just to see, I put one drop on a Q-tip (you could use a felted square ), and it worked perfectly! Why in the world would anyone buy chemical laden makeup remover when jojoba oil works so well? Added bonus? Jojoba oil is gentle and light enough to moisturize that delicate skin around your eye.

I am so happy with my honey face wash, I can't believe I didn't know about it before. That said, I can't speak for your skin. All I can say is that for this makeup wearing, combination and sensitive skin Yogini, honey has been THE solution. :)