My word for 2017 is...


Could this be any farther from the opposite of surrender? It’s going to be a pretty hard swing in the other direction this next year.

I think I still have a hell of a lot to learn about surrender, but it has become increasingly important for me to feel empowered within myself. All throughout this year, I’ve been have “teaser moments” of the power lesson. As October arrived (the month in which I typically decide on my word for the next year), I knew in an instant that POWER was the word for 2017. I saw visions of queens and crowns and thrones. Decisive action. Unshakable composure. Rooted self-assuredness.

If you asked me what my word has been for the last 3 years or so – a word that wasn’t one that I chose as a learning tool but one that described my life these past few years, that word would be ENDURE. And enduring isn’t a great place to be. We all have to go there from time to time, especially when life deals us a rough hand, but overall, I think it’s best to move out of that as quickly as possible. I am not interested in enduring any longer.

Thriving sounds much more powerful. Much more queenly. But that was my first head-scratcher when I came up with the word for 2017. I know I have to walk, step-by-step into this quality, and I felt that thriving is a perfect springboard to help me jump into power. But oh my god, how can I thrive when I’m “enduring” a life circumstance right now that I do NOT want, that takes up most of my time? When I’m in the midst of rebuilding my writing and art career? When I’m moving into unknown territory and am basically building my business from the ground up?

In November, I read The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines, and I was pleasantly surprised when Joanna talked about a similar issue – of the struggle they were in to just get by from month to month and that she didn’t know how to make the leap to “thriving.” What did she do? She realized thriving is a mindset. She had to believe she was thriving if she was going to achieve thriving.

So, that’s my first baby step into power. There are a few other things on my list for this year:

I’m going to open the year with a ceremony in which I take the throne. I might even give myself a queen name. I want to fully step into the energy of POWER and I believe ceremony is an important aspect of turning ideas into action.

I'm going to determine the boundary lines and laws of the queendom. The boundary lines of the queendom are the areas over which I have control. The laws are a list of what’s acceptable and not acceptable to me. Anything in between falls into the category of “to be negotiated.”

I wrote about exactly how I intend to take the throne over at MindBodyGreen. Check it out here.

It is my greatest desire and plan of (bold and focused) action that 2017 is far, far different than 2016. And I don’t mean that “in a year from now…” I mean now now. I mean starting today. I mean things will already be radically different by the end of January.

This queendom needs a lot of cleaning up and I mean to get right to it.

What’s your word for 2017?