OCM 102

For those of you who are looking to troubleshoot your OCM process, this post is for you! 

1. Make sure you use castor oil in your blend. This is the oil that really gets the gunk out of your pores. That said, there are a few people who just cannot handle this oil. If you feel it is drying your skin out too much, use less in your oil blend. If it still causes you issues, then eliminate it from your blend and use one or two plain oils, instead.

2. Don't scrub your skin too hard: You'll risk overstimulating your oil glands and exacerbating breakouts.

3. Make sure you don't "over-steam" your skin: This is really bad for breakouts and oily, irritated skin. Use lukewarm or warm water.

4. Give yourself a good 6 to 8 weeks of consistent practice with a consistent oil blend before you decide whether or not this will work for you. This is a really personal decision - you don't want to allow your skin to get worse and create scarring...however, if you give up too soon or keep changing the oil blend you use, your skin will always be reacting to the changes, instead of healing. This is a fine line to walk, so listen to your body and your intuition!

Good luck with your oil cleansing method!