Off the Hook

I watched Marianne Williamson’s weekly lecture on Monday and she said something that touched my heart so much:

Stop asking yourself “What did I do to get here?” or “How did I attract this?” and instead, go for the miracle. Ask instead, “How can I join with God to correct this?”

(And by “correct,” she means “remember the truth of who we are.”)

This message has come to me in the past year in so many forms. No more, “I made a mistake,” no more “How did I end up here?,” no more “Why did this happen?,” no more “How do I fix this/myself?”

If we want to take this leap into the overwhelming beauty of our own potential, we have to remember that we are part of the Divine body. We aren’t driving the car, but we are the body of the driver. Every time we count our flaws, flog ourselves for our mistakes or try to “fix” ourselves or our lives, we are turning into cancer cells in the Divine body – those cells don’t belong there, they grow without check, they create malignancy… Basically, they screw things up that weren’t actually screwed up to begin with.

Let’s put a Post-It on our foreheads. We’re not wrong, anymore. We don’t need fixing, anymore. We don’t need to beg for forgiveness from ourselves or the Divine. We never were and never did.

We vow today to let ourselves off the hook.