Revisit Your Childhood Totem

I’ve always been obsessed with animal spirit guides. Since I was little, I loved stories in which the characters had an animal companion, or even stories in which an animal character played a large role (anything with a big, bad wolf comes to mind).

As I got older, I noticed that “animal medicine” made itself more and more noticeable to me. When I started grad school, Bear roared into my life, helping me get through the challenging journey of becoming a teacher. Just behind him stood Fox, waiting in the wings only to make himself known as a major energetic force in my life a few years later.

Animal spirit guides may come and go, as we need them. They are always there to help guide us. You may have one or more guiding and protecting you right now. In addition to these companions, I also like to check in with my childhood totem from time to time. Or rather, she likes to check in with me.

Unicorn was my childhood totem. I was obsessed with her – her purity, goodness, integrity, gentleness and magic. I read books about unicorns, collected them and just couldn’t get enough. As I got older, though, not surprisingly, Unicorn faded away. For a long time, it seemed like a silly fantasy of a little girl. I lost sight of the fact that she was actually an important spirit guide…

…until Former Boyfriend and I went through a major breakup (one of many, I’m sorry to say). My mother visited me one day, in the midst of my tears, opened my hand and placed an object there. She said, “I saw this and knew you had to have it. This is you. You just need to remember that.” In my hand was a glass unicorn figurine and I burst into tears when I saw it. I finally realized the importance of my childhood totem animal.

Since then, she has come back to visit many, many times. A few days ago, I was struggling with sadness over the transitions I’m going through and while watching a TV show, I noticed a graphic of a unicorn running through a forest. (Can you tell what show I was watching?) I got the shivers, knowing that symbol was more than just a passing image. The very next day, I watched the latest episode of that show and it opened with the very same scene – the unicorn running through the forest. And of course, unicorns played a big part in that episode. It told me it was time to explore this totem yet again, finding more strength and wisdom in this noble companion.

What was your childhood totem? Does he/she ever visit you in your adult life? Do you regularly check in with this companion?