#SlowSkincare #SlowHealth #SlowLife

As I've taken the steps to pursue my dreams more actively over the past year, I've noticed a trend - everything kept going faster, faster and faster. My life, of late, has been all about throwing Bandaids on everything - quick solutions, fast fixes and temporary bandaging. No long-term thinking. No long-term solutions. Just getting through each day.

This is something all of us face at one time or another, especially when it comes to our health. We gain weight and we want to be able to do five days of intense workouts and see a fitness model's body in the mirror on Day 6. We break out and we want to go to the dermatologist and get a cream or pill that will cause our skin to miraculously heal overnight.

With my own interactions with readers and clients, I have experienced this time and again. I'll have people ask me the same question over and over again and while I'm repeating my answer for the third or fourth time, I start to wonder: Why aren't they hearing me? Am I not being clear?

The answer that arose was this: Not everyone is ready or willing to hear that true healing is a slow path. Not everyone can handle the idea of having to wait for the tighter muscles or the clearer skin. And all of us, at one time or another, have been far more willing to slap a bunch of temporary quick-fixes together, even if it means spending more time and money on the problem than we'd like.

I healed my skin only when I was ready to commit to the slow change - performing the rituals and routines of long-term healing like the Oil Cleansing Method, daily medicinal tea and lots of soul work. Though I noticed immediate improvement, it took about a year to get to where I really wanted to be, and about three years to see the kind of results I wanted. Eight years later, I can not only say that the healing has lasted, but it has continued to improve the condition of my skin.

Because of our go-go-go culture, it's hard to resist the pull of the Quick Fix. Even if you find yourself ready to embrace the Slow Fix in one area of your life, just watch - you'll be throwing duct tape on other areas of your life right and left.

When my grandfather was alive, he always told us, "Go slow and be careful." At the time, I thought it was just because we were crazy teenagers and he wanted us to be careful about speeding while driving. But I noticed he said that to everyone - adults and teenagers, alike. And I finally understood the wisdom of his words.

Take the time to think, meditate and pray. Take the time to look at the flowers and insects and people you pass on the street. Take the time to deliberately think about the next move before jumping into action.

Don't let this world drag you through the Express Lane. You have the right to set your own pace. So take the time you need.