The Highlights of 2014

It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the good stuff, especially when you’ve had a couple big blows over the course of a year. For me, the big blows were scary and painful and sometimes, they glow in the soul like neon lights. Add to that a list of professional disappointments and frustrations, and you have a recipe for a sour New Year’s Eve!

However, part of my Light Manifesto for 2015 is *highLIGHT* - which means taking the time to look back on 2014 and remember every single good detail, too. Here’s a short list of those highlights:


I got a beautiful new niece a few weeks after Christmas. She has brought so much joy to our family.

And, Glowing: Soulful Skincare was released in the Kindle Store! Yay!


I made one of the scariest decisions of my life – to submit a novel (The Poison Box) I wrote many years ago to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. And if I didn’t make the cut…I promised myself I would just put it out into the world. I spent most days in February writing all day and all night long. My pajamas became my clothes and I think I gained 15 pounds from the lack of exercise and chocolate snacks.


Did my first Q&A Session on Facebook and it was awesome! And followed that up with my very first webinar, 5 Things Your Dermatologist Will Never Tell You! Phew!


Big month! The Poison Box was released to the world, after seventeen years of writing, re-writing and editing. I sold (yes, SOLD, as in “received money for”) my very first freelance piece. I almost framed the check. And I was blessed with the opportunity to share some skincare wisdom on The Michael Dresser Show. (If you missed the interview, click here.) AND…I got published on Pick the Brain!


I joined the team at The Beauty Bean, alongside awesome, inspirational women like Liz DiAlto, Latham Thomas and Alexis Wolfer. I got my first big piece published on Mind Body Green, which has been a goal for me for over a year!


I finally got the courage to put the She Came Into Focus material down on paper and launch the course. It got real!


Started recording my first podcast. (As it stands now, I’m not sure where I’m going with it – it turned out to be incredibly personal. But I’m proud of taking the risk and waiting to see what my guidance has to say about it.)


Finished cleaning up the website. Hosted Develop Your Skintuition webinar (super fun!). Mastered gluten-free cupcakes, thanks to Katherine and Sophie.


The first She Came Into Focus course began! It had a rough start, but was a profound experience for me on many different levels.


Finished She Came Into Focus and felt that it was a huge success.


Got the best testimonial I’ve ever gotten! (Thanks, Kristy!) Started taking some pictures for the website (coming soon).


Took a breather. Made my plans for 2015. Big ones.

As it turns out…my professional disappointments pale in comparison to what I actually accomplished this year. I did a damn good job and I am going to celebrate the heck out of myself tonight!

What are your highlights? Are you giving them as much air time as you gave your hardships?