The Q&A Contest

In order to promote my Q&A session on Goodreads (April 28th), I'm going to have a little fun on social media. I'll be posting quizzes, questions and other little fun challenges for my readers (both of Glowing and The Poison Box) each day from now through April 27th.

The prizes:

::A podcast on my theory of soulful skincare

::A podcast about how the "wild woman" myths and stories influenced the plot of The Poison Box

Here are the rules:

::Two winners will be chosen each day - one winner who answered the Glowing question correctly and one who answered The Poison Box question correctly

::The winners will be chosen randomly from Facebook and Twitter

::If you are answering on Facebook and see someone has answered, already, don't let this discourage you - the first responders may decline the prize, may have already won, may have gotten the answer wrong, or....? So please post your own response and add more details or information if you want to increase your chance of being chosen.

::Each person can win only one time in each category (Glowing and The Poison Box). Once you have won, you can still respond, but you will no longer be eligible to win - since you've won, already! :)

::The podcasts will be emailed to the winners on or before April 31, 2014.

So get on Twitter and Facebook and share this with your friends! (And join the Q&A session!) Let's get the party started!

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