The Real Green: Food & Eating Habits

This particular aspect of the green journey was so expansive it would take dozens of blog posts to cover it all. So I’ll just stick to the basics.

First of all, despite trying many different diets (vegan, raw, etc.), I ended up feeling like my dietary aspirations were less green-focused and more perfection-focused (just another iteration of my former eating disorders). I’ve been a vegetarian throughout it all, and that’s where I’ve landed.

I still believe in local food, but I could not afford to continue subscribing to my favorite CSA here in town. It was a sad reality, but it was also so connected to my domestic dreams with Former Boyfriend that there’s a relief to let that go for now. I do plan on getting on board with another CSA in the future, when finances allow.

I could simply shop at the farmer’s market and pick up at least a few items here and there, but even that has fallen by the wayside. My local farmer’s markets have a very strong association for me. They are something I would drag Former Boyfriend to, and I also attended the one here in town a few times when I still had my bath and body business. While I’m relieved that both of those chapters of my life have closed, there’s also a deep sadness there, as well. I started the business when FB and I moved in together and the two events are so tightly intertwined and weighted with expectations and happy hopes and dreams. I think a little time and distance is needed from things that remind me too much of those happy days.

As for food preservation and fermentation – it’s just not happening right now. I wish it were, as I love canning and fermenting things, but I don’t have the time and am hoping that it’s just a cycle and I’ll be able to enjoy that again in the future.

I actually bought two jars specially made for fermenting and am considering giving them away – or at least the larger of the two. I made some killer sauerkraut using them but only once. Once in the five years they have occupied space in this house. Same goes for my flip-top bottles that I used to keep water kefir in – one summer of production, and I haven’t made the stuff since. My kombucha experiments were a huge flop (which pains me to say, as I probably spend $10-15 a week on store-bought kombucha!). And my canning supplies are taking up a ton of room, which sets my teeth on edge. What a waste not to be using them!

I still use the reusable zipper bags (from my herbal supplier – I empty out the herbs into jars and reuse the bags, which are heavy-duty plastic) for buying bulk foods, which confuses the cashiers every time. I really like that method – it’s faster, easier and creates so much less waste. But admittedly, I don’t buy a lot of bulk food these days. I guess, overall, I haven’t been cooking a whole lot.

I still buy local honey every autumn. I haven’t used it much and I know have a stockpile of four quarts! It is a huge luxury, and I savor my local honey. Yum.

And gardening my own veggies…not happening. I’ll do a post on gardening later, but for now, let’s just say, my house has been up for sale and I have thought I was going to have to move at least four times in the past two years (possibly again now) and so I haven’t bothered to plant a garden. I can’t even say I miss it that much. I do love gardening, but I think another break is in store!

How have your green eating habits evolved over the years?