The Real Green: Skincare

I hope you won’t be surprised when I say that I’ve still got the same skincare routine I’ve had since I started my first blog (A Green Spell) back in 2008/09. Why? Because I’m committed and because it works.

It started with my realization that in order to re-balance my skin, I would need to start using oil on it. (This isn’t necessarily the path for everyone, but I knew, instinctively it was right for me.) That’s when I started experimenting with the Oil Cleansing Method and making my own oils and balms.

I loved my concoctions so much that I began selling them in the shop I once had, Five Seed. One of my most popular balms was Flower Balm (later known as Wild Glow Balm). I still use that formula every single day – couldn’t live without it!

Right now, I’m pretty carefree with my skin. In the mornings, I splash it with water and use my Flower Balm. I wear very light mineral makeup when I’m going to work, but on many days, I don’t wear makeup, at all. (I believe in letting the skin breathe.) At night, I use the Oil Cleansing Method or a little honey to wash my face, then follow it up with either my Flower Balm or a liquid oil blend. For sun protection, I mostly wear hats and use natural ingredients as light SPF (like shea butter), but if I’m going to be out in direct sun for a long period of time, I’ll use a sunscreen that’s as natural as I can find.

And that’s that. I think it’s pretty darn green – everything but the makeup and sunscreen are 100% natural. I recycle or reuse the containers I bottle my products in. Nothing bad is going down that drain or onto my body. And I buy organic ingredients from a business that is consistently recognized for its green efforts (Mountain Rose Herbs).

The only areas that are less green (a muddy greenish brown?) are the makeup and sunscreen. The sunscreen, of course, has some chemicals in it and it always expires before I have the chance to use it all, which means I have to dispose of the excess. The tube is not recyclable, either.

And the makeup isn’t perfect – the containers are not recyclable, either and there is some debate about the safety of mineral makeup (though certainly nothing worse than other cosmetic products, and probably a lot less). Further, my makeup brushes have to be replaced from time to time (believe me, I use them until the bristles stick together – a lot longer than I should, no doubt!) and I don’t know what else to do with them except throw them away. Maybe give them to my nephews to paint with…? Hmmm…

AND...I never wear mascara because I can't find any that are natural that don't end up running down my cheeks by the end of the day. And honestly, that's a disappointment for me. I'd rather wear just blush and mascara on my "light" days, rather than eyeliner. But alas, I'll settle for what I can get!

Overall, I’ve never been so free when it comes to my skincare routine. It is simple, clean and easy and my skin, other than the scarring, looks fantastic. I’m so happy with it. I haven’t broken out in years, except for recently, due to some pretty major work-related stress – all temporary, thank goodness.

How have you “greened” your beauty routine?