The real green: What worked, and what fell away (a series)

 Putting the garden to bed: October 2010

Putting the garden to bed: October 2010

I was delighted by the feedback I got from my blog post about my “lost” green activism – people really resonated with the “reality check” of green living. We are all in the same boat – surrounded by these lifestyle books and blogs showing how awesome it is to live in bamboo houses with rainwater barrels and solar panels – but that’s not life for most of us. And our efforts at any kind of activism (whether it’s green living or diet or….) are heavily influenced by our emotional lives - the struggles we all face, the idealism we feel, our hopes and dreams, etc. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at a lifestyle book/blog because everyone is so darn happy in every picture!

I’ve been thinking more and more about the efforts I used to make and how much my life changed as my relationship with my ex declined over the past four years and my last blog post really inspired me to take stock of these past few years and find out what really worked and what didn’t – and find my way back on a much more forgiving Middle Road.

For me, it’s about passion. Thinking about how I can live as harmoniously with the earth as possible is a great passion of mine, because I love this earth so much. I’ve felt a deep relationship between myself and the earth since I was a child. And I think it’s essential to our happiness to follow our passions. But at the same time, to not become so entrenched that we turn militant and inflexible or try to “convert” other people – that’s when all the fun gets sucked out of it. (Plus, other people's lifestyle choices are none of our business. It's our duty to become our best selves and we can't do that while focusing on everyone else.)

So in the spirit of flexibility, fun, passion and finding what works, I'll be sharing my green living inventory over the next couple of weeks, from composting to bicycle commuting. The real-life, honest details!

Stay tuned!