Upcycling Cosmetic Tins

If you're a natural beauty product lover, then, like me, you probably have a million tins in your house, multiplying like cartoon mice in your drawers and cabinets. You don't want to throw them away - the guilt is too much! (And really, how can you justify throwing perfectly good tins away?) You've already given some away to your friends but there are still more. And more. And more.

What on earth can you do with them?

Here are a few fun ideas:


{1} Get crafty. As a knitter, I use mine constantly for little items like needle tips, rubber bands, small spools of thread and stitch markers. You can use them for any crafts, however - not just knitting. For you paper crafters, fill them with confetti pieces, glue dots, odds and ends of ribbons, brads, embellishments, etc. Seamstresses, use them for your pins, elastic bands, buttons, etc.

{2} Organize your desk. Tins are perfect for those little office supplies that get lost in drawers: tacks, paper clips, mechanical pencil lead refills, calligraphy pen ink cartridges, mini markers, extra blades for your paper cutter, etc.

{3} Corral your jewelry. Whether you have a huge jewelry box or not, there are always dozens of pieces that are small and tend to get lost easily - those little diamond studs, the tiny beaded bracelet, the floating necklace. Keep these pieces in their own tins so you can find them easily and prevent them from tangling with other jewelry.

{4} Pass it on. Tins are perfect for giftwrapping tiny gifts like jewelry or homemade candies. (Just make sure you wash out the tin thoroughly and give it a quick wash in boiling water to sterlize it.) Line the inside with tissue paper or candy wrappers and glue a bow or button to the top. Voila!

{5} Protect your keepsakes. If you have tiny little keepsakes that you want to protect - the first tooth your child lost, a precious button from your grandmother's favorite coat, a dried corsage from your high school prom - you can keep these individually, wrapped in tissue, in a tin. Decorate the outside with a pretty label and some embellishments and you have the perfect way to store your treasures!

{6} Make a travel kit. Larger tins, especially those with clamshell lids, are perfect for storing small items that you might need during your travels. Fill one with a travel-sized toothbrush, and travel-sized toothpaste and floss. Another could hold a small needle book, a few yards of thread, safety pins and other emergency wardrobe repair items. How about sample-sized containers of your favorite concealer, blush and eye shadow, plus a few short makeup brushes and an eyeliner pencil for quick touch-ups?

{7} Refill. Another great way to use up a lot of collected tins is to fill them with your favorite lip or body balm recipe! (There are several in my book, Glowing: Soulful Skincare - check it out!) Again, make extra sure you have sterilzied the tins and let them dry out completely to prevent mold issues - then make a batch of your favorite balm, create pretty labels and you have a great present for your family members! (Or keep them yourself!)

I'd love to hear what you've done to upcycle and reuse your old tins. (Pictures are a plus!) Leave a comment and let me know!