Want to feel more beautiful? Smile!

It's not plastic surgery. It's not even brain surgery. It's so simple and so obvious - yet so many of us forget this simple truth: That a smile can make you look younger and more beautiful.

Not long ago, while getting ready for a special event, I was trying to figure out what outfit to wear. Unfortunately, due to the 10 pounds I put on since January, I could hardly fit into anything. It was frustrating and depressing and I felt really bad about myself.

However, since I was in the middle of developing my She Came Into Focus course, I was committed to facing the truth about how I looked. So I snapped a picture, letting how I felt show through.

Ugh. It wasn't pretty. I looked as droopy and depressed as I felt.

So my next challenge: Smile. What can it hurt? So I did, and wow, what a difference a smile made!

And there it is: Smiling gives you light. Smiling reveals who you really are. Smiling makes you look youthful and joyous. Smiling is the best beauty treatment in the world.