Why you should never apologize for wanting to be beautiful

How many times have I heard people tell me that they long to clear up their skin and feel beautiful again? And then promptly follow that statement with an apology, explanation, excuse or qualification?

I know that sounds superficial, but…

I guess that sounds vain.

I know it’s not important to be pretty, but I still wish I could be pretty.

I’m sorry to sound so shallow, but I can’t help wanting to be beautiful.

Ladies: Stop apologizing for wanting to be (and more importantly, feel) beautiful.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks here. There’s nothing wrong, superficial, vain or shallow about wanting to be and feel beautiful. On the contrary! Why? Feeling beautiful builds our confidence and allows us to be the best we can be and do the best we can do. And when we’re the best we can be, that serves everyone around us.

And that’s not all. I believe that our desire to feel beautiful goes far beyond the superficial dance of vanity and even far beyond the aspiration to experience confidence. What if our desire to be and feel beautiful reflects a deeper, more spiritual inclination – that of communion?

Feeling beautiful means we can hold another’s gaze without flinching. It means we can listen with our full attention, without the distraction of worrying about what our skin looks like. Feeling beautiful gives us the self-assurance to take a chance on interactions with strangers or acquaintances. It gives us just enough chutzpah to open our hearts just a little wider.

Let’s get radical, here:

Wanting to feel beautiful is an expression of the heart’s desire to fully engage with life. And that ain’t nothing to apologize for!  {Click to tweet!}

Sisters, give yourselves a little gift today. Stop explaining, excusing and qualifying your desire to be and feel beautiful. Stop apologizing for it. Perhaps you will find that simply claiming the right to want to feel beautiful – without shame or apologies – is the first step toward actually recognizing and celebrating your beauty. And then….

Love. Connect. Befriend. Touch. Smile. Embrace. Because you know you are beautiful.

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