Worth in Age

As I’m working on my new book about the spiritual aspects of beauty, I have come back to the issue of aging again and again and again. I’m heading toward a pretty big birthday, for one thing – that faces me in the mirror every day.

Add to that the fact that my romantic partner made a sudden exit from my life last year in order to be with a woman ten years younger than I am. So many of us have faced that pain, whether it caused a breakup or whether it happened after a breakup. It makes you question your beauty, your worth, your value as a romantic and sexual partner.

I let myself feel that pain when it first happened. I wanted to make sure I processed everything without trying to “spiritually bypass” what was happening.

But after a few more months, I started asking myself, “Is this where I want to put my energy? Is this how I want to invest my energy and my time? Am I really going to let this event determine how beautiful I am, or how worthy I am?”

And though I didn’t address this in the video, it’s important to ask: Who made me? Who determines my worth? What determines my beauty?

In the end, I knew the answers to those questions.

Sometimes, it’s a daily practice of realignment. But that’s okay. Let’s just remember that every time we invest in the concept that age and beauty are mutually exclusive, we do a disservice to all women.

Let’s put our energy elsewhere, continuing to push the boundaries of beauty so that it encompasses us all.