You Create Your Complexion

Last summer, I decided to write an e-book about my skincare journey, revealing all the tips about how I healed from 15+ years of severely bad skin. I was cranking it out as fast as I could, totally high on inspiration and then life struck, so to speak. I had to stop in order to attend a week-long seminar in Portland, and when I completed the last of the online assignments two weeks later, I was in the midst of dealing with Etsy's new policies. As you can imagine, the excitement I had felt about my book got buried in the anxiety, stress and disappointment I was experiencing at the time. Thankfully, important projects never let you give up - they just patiently wait until you decide to get your butt back in gear. And I have. I started working on the book again last week and I can't wait for spring break, when I can really put in some serious writing time. I'm reluctant to set a date of completion, with all that I have on my plate right now, but I sure would like to finish it by the end of the summer. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I want to remind you of the power you have when it comes to skincare. Don't walk around talking about your "problem skin," and stop referring to your skin as "acne prone." You might as well order yourself a set of pimples next time you buy something from Amazon.

I realize that this probably sounds really New Age-y and possibly totally ridiculous. But bear with me. What happens when you feel badly about your appearance, perhaps thinking you aren't so pretty? You feel bad every time you look in the mirror. Your feelings affect how you carry yourself and how you interact with people. Your insecurity becomes part of how other people see you and instead of describing you as that gorgeous, glowing woman in the accounting department, you're the dowdy, shy girl. Why? Because you are actually unattractive? Or because your own perception of yourself becomes what other people see?

If you are the dowdy, shy girl, that's because you decided to be her. You fed yourself certain ideas and those thoughts became a reality.

See where I'm going with this?

Stop labeling yourself as acne-prone and problem-skinned. Uh-uh. No more. No more feeling anxiety every time you look in the mirror, or piling on the pimple cream, in anticipation of breakouts that haven't happened yet.

Let's practice a few new thoughts to introduce into your world:

1. I have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin because I'm a beautiful, healthy, glowing human being.

2. Perfect health is my skin's natural state.

3. Zit cream? What's that for?

This may seem like a silly and simplistic idea, but it's incredibly important for all of you out there fighting with your skin. Just give it a try for 6 weeks and expect it to work. You might be surprised by the results you get!