AUDIOBOOK: The Fox at the Door


AUDIOBOOK: The Fox at the Door


Once upon a time, there was a woman who lived in a cottage at the edge of the woods. She was neither young nor old, neither pretty nor unattractive. As such, people from the village didn’t take much notice of her. Nor did she take much notice of them. She spent her days foraging for roots and mushrooms in the forest, simmering broths in the cauldron at her hearth, and spinning wool into long strings that would be woven into shawls and mittens.

One day, while sitting in the wooden rocking chair in front of the fireplace, dreaming of the way it felt to hold a baby in her arms. While she dreamed, she sorted through a basket of nuts, discarding those that had been nibbled at, or damaged by mold, she heard a scratching at her door...

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The Briarlore Tales are original, illustrated fairy tales that take us into the wild places of the soul where we truly belong. They remind us of who we really are and help us along our path. 

The Fox at the Door is a fairy tale for grownups about a woman who has lost her family and who has been alone for a long time. She is resigned to the life she is living now, at the edge of the forest, and has found some contentment in her solitude. But one night, she hears a scratch-scratch-scratching at her door. What she finds there, waiting outside, is something she forgot a long time ago...companionship. This companionship comes in the form of a magical little fox who helps her mend her grieving heart. 

This tale comes with a personal essay about grief in motherhood for all those who are struggling with the loss of a child, a fur baby, the chance at motherhood... Those who have lost a child, or who find themselves childless-not-by-choice. There are many forms of a mother's grief, and it's so important to honor them all. 

This Briarlore Tale also includes a recipe for Lavender Salve. It also includes an original tune called Song for the Grieving. (Because it is an audiobook, it does not contain illustrations.)

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"I read this book when I was somewhat tired, and found myself in a dreamlike state, which made my reading all the more mystical. I loved how carefully and meaningfully the author selected her words (explained in the post-story notes). The story itself is magical: in turns sorrowful and sweet. It is a tale for all of womanhood. I look forward to reading more form this author." 
-Denise D'Errico

"What a beautiful work of art! It is a beautiful blend of heart, art, and activism on behalf of women all over the world. Thank you for listening to your heart and allowing this story to flow through you."