Through a series of four modules over the course of 8 weeks, we are going to take an unflinching look at ourselves. I won’t lie to you – it isn’t an easy course. You’ll be asked to explore the things you don’t like about yourself and your reasons behind the discomfort. You’ll have to come face-to-face with your shadow side starting on Day 1.

And that’s not all. You’ll be challenged to push yourself beyond your comfort zone again and again and again. Your guided assignments will include taking photos of different aspects of yourself – aspects that you may have lost or forgotten, or that you might not even believe you possess, at all. Like an actress, you’ll have to play parts that may make you feel exposed and uncomfortable. And you’ll be sharing it all with others going through the same journey on the She Came Into Focus Facebook group page.

It’s going to be raw. It’s going to be scary. It’s going to make you feel more vulnerable than you have felt in a long time.

So I’ll be frank: You have to be brave as hell and 100% ready to dig deep in order to participate in this program.

These are some samples of my own self-portraits and selfies from 2014.