The Briarlore Tales are original, illustrated fairy tales that take us into the wild places of the soul where we truly belong. They remind us of who we really are and help us along our path. 

Part of the intention behind these books is to connect more deeply with readers. Briarlore is an indie project, from beginning to end, written, illustrated, and formatted by me, Yancy Lael, and sold directly from my hands into yours or from a smaller publisher (here), rather than having a big chain store standing in between writer and reader. Yes, this means the book is more expensive than one mass-produced on Amazon, but I believe it's critical to carry on the traditions of old world, when books were made with painstaking care and were considered valuable items. (Though don't get me wrong - cheap paperbacks have an important place in this world, too!) 

Each one of these books addresses part of the soul's journey, following a character through an adventure, a transition, and ultimately coming out on the other side, having spiritually matured. The books always take place in the woods, in nature, a place I love more than anything else. I hope these books help others not only travel through their own soul journeys, but that they also inspire a love for the natural world in readers. 



Book #1:
The Fox at the Door

The Fox at the Door is a fairy tale for grownups about a woman who has lost her family and who has been alone for a long time. She is resigned to the life she is living now, at the edge of the forest, and has found some contentment in her solitude, but one night, she hears a scratch-scratch-scratching at her door. What she finds there, waiting outside, is something she forgot a long time ago...companionship. This companionship comes in the form of a magical little fox who helps her mend her grieving heart. 

Book #2:
Coming soon!