What does this course look like?

You’ll receive an introductory course packet a week before the program begins so you’ll have the chance to prepare yourself for the work ahead.

After that, you will receive a module packet every other Sunday for the next 8 weeks (there are four, total). Your homework will include some minor (or major, if you choose) journaling exercises and, most importantly, some “selfie assignments.” You will be asked to take pictures of yourself using the framework of archetypal “characters” – and many of these assignments will push you far past your comfort zone. You’ll have 2 weeks to complete each module assignment and will be asked to share and discuss your assignments in the SCIF Facebook group page. That’s the biggest part – it’s the sharing, the putting yourself out there that is the real challenge.

During the course of this program, you will receive some bonus material, as well, that will help you go deeper into the work. We will also be "meeting" online a few times in order to touch base with one another - if you cannot attend these meetings, rest assured, they will be recorded.


Through this course, you will:

1. Collect many of the pieces of yourself you have lost over the years.

2. Explore who you *think* you are and start to build a new sense of identity.

3. Build your self-confidence.

4. Learn that you have more power than you think over the way you “look” and find more peace within regarding your physical appearance.

And as if that isn’t enough, you’ll also learn how to present yourself better to the camera, how to play with filters and take artistic photographs and many participants have found that they are less worried about how they look when being photographed. Now that’s freedom!

Who is this program for?

If one or more of these statements describes you, then you are the perfect candidate for She Came Into Focus!

::You struggle with your feelings about your appearance. On the spectrum of self-criticism you fall somewhere between “kinda okay with my appearance” and “hate this potato sack of a body.”

::You tense up inside when you catch unexpected glimpses of yourself in reflective surfaces.

::You feel like what you see in the mirror doesn’t “match” who you feel like inside.

::You require your friends to get your stamp of approval before they are allowed to post photos of you on social media (for vanity reasons, not privacy concerns). By the same token, you untag yourself from photos that make you appear unattractive.

::The collection of images on your social media accounts has been very carefully managed and controlled in order to show your absolute best to the world.

::You might not have any images of yourself to share because you hate having your photo taken. For this reason, you may not even have a social media account or perhaps your family photo collection would make an outsider think that you are just a friend of the family since you appear in so few pictures.

::Whenever you see a photo of yourself, you immediately, without even thinking, criticize how bad it is (either mentally, verbally, or as a written comment). You type “OMG, I look awful!” so often, you should have a stamp made. (Okay, that doesn't work for computers, but you get my point.)

::Even when you feel pretty, there’s still that nagging discomfort in the back of your mind  that keeps you focusing on a perceived flaw (your heavy thighs, your scarred face, your stubby fingers) instead of fully enjoying whatever you’re doing.

::You take dozens of selfies and only post the one or two that make you look particularly attractive.

::You are kinda okay with the way you look – and sometimes you even think you’re kinda pretty – but you would never describe yourself as beautiful. At least not in front of witnesses.

If any one of these is you, then you are ready for this inner journey!