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Lael is 2 syllables, with emphasis on the second syllable, pronounced Ly-ELL.

Abbreviated Bio

Yancy Lael is an educator, writer, and artist. She has a master's degree in teaching, and is passionate about the power of storytelling as a path to self-realization. She shares her own story through her non-fiction books, and weaves poetic prose throughout her novels. You can find more information at www.yancylael.com, or Facebook (Yancy Lael), Twitter and Instagram (@yancylael). 

Extended BIO

Yancy Lael was born in southern California and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She developed a love of nature during weekend visits to the San Bernardino Mountains. It was there, at the age of 10, that she discovered she wanted to be a writer.

She wrote her first full-length novel at the age of 19 - a novel that would eventually become The Poison Box. She kept writing throughout her 20's and 30's, while earning her MAT and working with children and teenagers in her local community.

In 2010, she opened a bath and beauty shop called Five Seed, where she sold organic, all-natural skincare products that she had developed to heal her own skin problems. The shop grew a dedicated fan base of women who were looking for safer, eco-friendly skincare options. After years of receiving emails from women who were desperate to learn how to heal their skin, Lael decided to write a pamphlet detailing all her skincare secrets. This "pamphlet" turned into a 290-page book called Soulful Skincare that outlines a unique approach to skincare - one that works from the inside, out. Healing the skin, Lael says, must begin with the soul.

This was followed by the much-anticipated release of The Poison Box, a masterpiece 17 years in the making. This modern-day fairy tale, set in foggy northern California, explores the themes of duality, duty, and rebellion - and the price a woman pays for following her own path. Protagonist Mary Raedwolfe has earned her place among the unforgettable dark maidens of literature including Estella Havisham and Brett Ashley.

The Paris Diaries and Dear Me (the latter now out of print) were released in February 2016. The Paris Diaries follows Lael and her ex during a week-long trip through France, an experience that both wove their lives back together, while also beginning to unravel threads that would eventually separate them forever. Dear Me is a series of love letters Lael wrote to herself in the wake of her break-up, shared with the intention of helping other women weather painful separations.

Being Beautiful, released in December 2016, was written as a follow-up to Soulful Skincare, after Lael realized that many women still feel unattractive even after healing their skin problems. This is, she believes, one of the most common ways a woman sabotages herself - by striving to meet impossible beauty standards instead of seeing herself as a product of Divine love and perfection. Being Beautiful takes women on a 7-step journey through the energetic system to help clear away all the old patterns and negative beliefs that hide the undeniable beauty of the soul.

Lael, who now lives in central Oregon, is working on the sequel to The Poison Box, as well as a children's book and the Briarlore series. 

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