Sensible, Simple Skincare


Sensible, Simple Skincare


So many women are overwhelmed and confused when it comes to creating an effective, affordable skincare regimen. And who wouldn’t be? There are thousands of products on the market, making thousands of claims, filled with thousands of potentially dangerous ingredients.

It’s time to kiss your confusion goodbye! This is a detailed, intense, self-paced course that covers everything from identifying potential toxins in beauty products to confronting the marketing techniques utilized by the cosmetic industry to manipulate you into buying ineffective and unnecessary products.

When you’re finished with this program, you will be an empowered consumer with the cleanest, clearest, most glowing skin of anyone you know!


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Who is this program for?

You are:

::frustrated by the way your skin looks and feels

::confused about what products will give you what you want

::easily excited by ads for new products and have a bathroom bursting with skincare products

::overwhelmed (and perhaps a little anxious) about identifying potential toxins in your beauty products and resistant to the idea of eliminating your current products that include these potential toxins

::dubious about the possibility of discovering an affordable, effective, safe beauty regimen


Class Objectives:




A peek into the program:


Sensible, Simple Skincare is broken down into 5 modules:

Module 1: Taking Stock
In this module, you will take stock of your own skincare regimen and get a very clear picture of what you want from it.

Module 2: The Smart, Beautiful, Effective Consumer
In this module, you will learn about the potential toxins in your beauty products and create a workable risk assessment plan that is right for you.

Module 3: Outsmarting the Cosmetic Industry
In this module, you will get the straight story on the many myths the cosmetic industry feeds us. You’ll be asked to challenge those myths in your own way, putting yourself back in control.

Module 4: Letting Go, Paring Down, Simplifying
In this module, you will take what you’ve learned and make some honest decisions about your current skincare routine.

Module 5: Creating Your Action Plan
In this module, you will use your new knowledge to craft a skincare regimen that works for you.

The details:

::39-pages in PDF format – interactive (you can type in your answers) and printable (blank or with your typed answers)

::13 worksheets to help you with the material (all interactive and printable)

::A 2-page checklist to help you purchase new, safe products

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This program will take you exactly where you want to be: Free, in control, beautiful, powerful and glowing!