Episode 14: Rewilding Your Life with Lyn Thurman

I met the beautiful Lyn Thurman about two years ago in a Facebook group an instantly fell in love with her energy. There's something so calm, gentle, and accepting about her. She pulls you in, like the moon does the tide. (Which is pretty appropriate for her, being the Sea Whisperer that she is.) 

Lyn is the author of The Inner Goddess Revolution, a book that helps women connect to the goddess energy within and reconnect with your power and passion. She also created the Sea Whispers Oracle Deck - and yes, there's an app for that! (I have really enjoyed playing with it!) 

Lyn and I talked about writing, creativity, beauty, feminine power, earth-based spirituality, and ultimately, rewilding your life, which is the subject of her upcoming book. 

Ready? Let's go down to the shore, under the pull of this week's super moon and meet Lyn by the tide pools. 

You can find more from Lyn at:

Website: www.lynthurman.com
Book: The Inner Goddess Revolution
Instagram: @lynthurman
Facebook: Lyn Thurman
Twitter: @lynthurman
Deck: Sea Whispers Oracle Deck


Today, I'm talking to the radiant Stephanie Lin, who I met online 2 years ago. Stephanie is a certified life coach, Reiki practitioner, Fulbright Scholar, and all-around amazing woman. Her class on Spiritual Bypassing deeply affected me, and gave me support during a very difficult time in my life. 

I love Stephanie's work - you can tell from just a few interactions that she is a soul filled with light, who has great aspirations to help others and make this world a better place. 

During our interview*, I had the pleasure of talking to Stephanie about many subjects dear to my heart - from letting go of old patterns, to out of body experiences. Stephanie talked about:

6:00 - There is no time. How to shift into new versions of yourself in just a moment. (Yes, it's possible - the real challenge is holding on to that energetic space.)
7:00 - Separating from ancestral patterns in order to come back together with family members. 
10:56 - Sometimes things get worse before they get better when we are clearing out old patterns.
13:24 - Stephanie shares her experience with Ayahuasca.
16:49 - What it's like to experience empathy in macro. 
23:02 - How to set an intention to build connections with people who share the beliefs you want to incorporate into your life. 
24:35 - Using the internet and cyber space as a "laboratory" where we build the self we want to be in real life.
35:14 - Stephanie shares the Buddhist practice of Bardo, and how that helps people move into a new phase of their lives. 
46:05 - How to live more within the rhythms of the year.
57:02 - Letting go of conditioning that brings us pain. 

One of the things that struck me most about this interview was a question Stephanie asks herself when she needs guidance:

If I really loved myself, what would I do? (Click to tweet!

That one sent shivers up my spine and is something I've been working into my daily spiritual practice. 

Click here to watch:

You can find more of Stephanie's work at:
Website: www.stephanieylin.com
FacebookStephanie Lin Coaching
You TubeStephanie Lin 

*Please forgive the few breaks in the video - I had a few technical issues on my end. 

Episode 12: Krystal Swift talks soulful skincare and plant magic

I spent all summer dreaming about the interviews I wanted to do on my podcast. Admittedly, I had no idea what I was doing and like any good project, it took me months to figure it out (much longer than I'd hoped). And of course, I was terrified to try it.

Thankfully, my first interviewee was the lovely Krystal Swift, owner of Onoclea Bath & Body - a woman who has been a faraway friend since I started Five Seed many years ago. This woman has such a loving spirit and a warm laugh - I was immediately set at ease (not that I'd expected any different). We had a wonderful time talking about plants, living seasonally, and putting out energy towards an "independently funded" lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, I made numerous mistakes with this interview - including not wearing headphones, which supposedly cuts back on skips and feedback. My computer was also on the fritz at the time, so my backup audio file was lost and the video recorded wildly off-track from the audio. 

I had also planned to post this on August 31st, to be the big reveal for Soulful Skincare...and alas, that simply was not the Divine plan. I couldn't get it to work, at all, at that point and sadly had to put it aside while I fixed my computer. 

Finally, I decided to do the best I could and simply record the audio track. As such, it's very low quality, and I deeply apologize for that. And for the middle section that we totally lost, around minute 27... Darnit! It's a terrible disappointment, but I can't get too down. I know Krystal and I have more projects in the works and we are going to get to do this again, I have no doubt. So all will be well.

Many thanks to Krystal for being my first interview here. I am more grateful to her than I can say. I only wish you could see her smile in the video...but again, that will come. Someday. This will come around again. 

Enjoy! And pop in and say hello to Krystal! Check out her Harvest line... Mmmmm.

Find Onoclea on Facebook and Instagram

Episode 11: Completing the Hero's Journey

Not long ago, I was talking with my mother about having faith in our destinies. The last few years have been so trying for me that I often struggle in this area. Okay, who am I kidding? I've been struggling with it my whole life. 

I felt a jolt of energy when she said, "All stories have the same structure, right? You're a writer. Why don't you trust the structure?" 


I realized she was, indeed, correct. What about the Hero's Journey, something I've been studying my entire life? Why was I always hanging out in the Underworld? The story has to end eventually, which means emerging from that dark (but glorious) place. 

Of course, our stories are not a one-time sequential journey. They play out over and over again. But the bottom line is this: We have to live out all the parts of the stories, which includes the emergence from the Underworld. 

And somehow, I forgot that. 

So what happens when we trust the story? 

(I tried a video this time to go with the audio file. Yeah, it's awful, I know. But all in the worship of imperfection!)

Episode 10: The Seat of Power

We have all moments of pain or discomfort in this physical form. In fact, many of us have recurring issues in those areas that last for years, or even a lifetime. For many, our solution is to go to the doctor, or try to heal things with another outward fix, like changing our diets or getting massages or taking pain pills. 

But what if these pains and discomforts of the body are direct messages asking us, again and again, to take notice and go inward to hear an important message? 

That's not a new question - we've heard it before. But do we really take that in? Do we really stop and listen? 

For most of my life, I've struggled with feelings of discomfort in my pelvic/abdominal region. Often, this has been a feeling of a heavy weight pulling me down, and a feeling of expansion pressing outward, away from me. Super uncomfortable. I always attributed this to my weight issues and years of eating disorders.

However, somewhat recently, that area of my body has been speaking to me very strongly and insisting that I listen. And to my surprise, it's not about weight or eating issues. Not at all. 

There's a lot more going on and the more I listen, the more I feel like I can let go of the heavy feeling and embrace the outward push. 

There's a lot of power in the pelvic bowl - our lowest three chakras are in or near that region, the three chakras that relate to our physical presence and power in this earthly world. And many of us struggle with the physical. It's not surprising that our pelvic region might be roiling with energy, begging us to pay attention. 

What do you hear? 

#30daysto40 (or as I call it, #30daystoidontknowwhat)

Big birthdays = big thinking. Lots of processing going on. Laying down my thirties. Embracing the next decade. The old ways of defining ourselves often must be shed in order to move on. How scary. And how liberating. 

This has been my journey as I stand here on this very last day of my thirties. 

On the podcast:

1. Journeying toward a new decade

2. Aging and its wisdom and simultaneous irrelevance

3. How meditation has been pulling me back in

4. The gemstones I chose to work with through this transition

5. How reading my own energetic system has recently changed (more feminine energy, less masculine)

6. My encounter with three young bucks during a meditation session in the woods

7. How Elen of the Ways has become a spiritual messenger for me

Moving Towards the Threshold (podcast)

Copyright 2016 Yancy Lael

Copyright 2016 Yancy Lael

As 40 draws nearer, I have felt, more strongly than ever, a pull that moving me towards a major threshold. Anniversaries are passing now that show me a spiral of growth and energetic information. I can see the horizon and there are some pretty amazing things waiting for me. 

This is a time of very deep in-betweens, a time of crossing, a time of death and rebirth, a time of thresholds, a time of moving through one portal to another. 

This is part of the archetypal journey of the soul like I've never experienced before. 

The One Time You Shouldn't Trust Yourself (podcast)

We all want to trust our instincts and follow our hearts, but I've found that there's just one place where we shouldn't be so quick to trust ourselves: when it comes to our perceptions of ourselves. 

So many of us (myself included) judge ourselves so damn harshly. We forget our own awesomeness and fall into a hallucination in which we are faced this way and that with our flaws, with our imperfections, with our ultimate lack of worth. 

It's just a spell. It's a common type of sleeping spell that gives us inaccurate nightmares that we believe are real. And we buy into the spell because it gives us an out. It gives us an excuse not to try, not to fail, and not to manifest the imperfections that we fear define us. 

So what do we do about it?

Podcast: Doing what we love...or avoiding it

I have many passions in this life, from writing to cooking to teaching...and so much more. So often, the passions I have drive me to interact with them. My knitting needles sing to me like sirens, begging me to make another stitch, turn out another garment. The butter in my refridgerator reminds me every few weeks that it would love to be creamed with crunchy crystals of sugar and turned into fluffy, rich chocolate chip cookies. I love it. I can't stop myself from engaging.

Yet other things I love - like writing - I often, almost inexplicityly, avoid. At one time in my life, you would've had to pry my fingers off my keyboard. Writing was like breathing. I'd die if I was away from it for too long. Twenty years later, it takes an act of Congress to get me to my keyboard. And why? What blocks have I put in front of myself to distance myself from those passions that once nourished me? 

What would happen if we were able to remove those blocks and open those channels again.....? What if?????

P.S. I was so worried that I'd sound like an arrogant jerk when I was talking about one of my books...and sure enough, I mentioned that people have commented that my novel is "too smart for the average reader." Ummm...yeah, I sounded like an arrogant jerk. This is the downfall of podcasts - stuff falls out of your mouth sometimes without a filter and I stumble through it and say things I wish I hadn't said. Please forgive me. What I actually MEANT to say is that big publishers are more interested in "easy reading" (the equivalent to radio's "easy listening") because of its broad appeal, and my novel does not fall into the category of "easy" or "broad appeal." Plus...it might just suck and I don't know it. (Let's be honest.) In either case...I certainly didn't mean to imply that I, or any of my fans, think that my book is some intellectual jewel. Not in the slightest. So take it with a grain of salt....

Podcast: Can you let yourself be seen?

I already picked my words/themes for 2016 so it was quite a surprise that another one has popped up over the past several weeks. I'm not sure what the ultimate word will be, but it's along the lines of visibility. 

Image copyright: Yancy Lael

Image copyright: Yancy Lael

I have actually seen so many people grappling with this theme, as well. I think many of us are at a stage in our development in which we are ready for this. We are ready to be seen, or at least we are ready to face the fact that we have to allow ourselves to be seen if we want to achieve our dreams.

One of my biggest challenges in visibility has been in my writing. It has taken me years - no, decades - to allow myself to share my writing with others. But I still have a long way to go. I still largely hide what I do in my "offline life." I'm still afraid to reveal my dreams to others, worrying that they will respond by saying, "Who are you to achieve that?" or "You're not talented enough." 

But the message I have received again and again over the past few months is that I must learn to be more forthcoming about my writing and my dreams if I want to move forward. It's not an option to keep hiding anymore.

Even recording this podcast was a challenge - I was afraid to share this. But last night, I had a dream in which I told all my co-workers about my writing and they insisted that I plan a public reading. There was something about the dream that has haunted me ever since. I believe it symbolized a major shift in my energy...and maybe even predicted what's to come. 

It's time to let that light shine upon us and reveal everything. Everything. Scary. But exhilarating. 

Letting Go of New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions (Even When You Think You Haven't Made Any)

The good news is: I've revived my podcast! (Thanks, Lola, for inspiring me!) The bad news: This topic will probably upset a lot of people. Now, if you've been following for a while, you'll know I don't "do" subjects just to be provocative and controversial. That's not me. So I hope you'll give it a chance and see it for the opportunity for exploration that it was meant to be. 

The topic: Letting go of the idea of setting health goals as New Year's resolutions. (Letting go, letting go, letting go....) Because, at least in my opinion, most of the time we do that, it's really just a smokescreen to say, "I want to be skinnier." And most of the time, it's just more chasing our tails and setting ourselves up for failure when we could spend that time putting more love into our bodies. 

This isn't about throwing all health goals away, or advocating that obesity is the new black. It's not about letting ourselves go. And I don't think getting healthier is a bad thing, by any means. It's just a gentle exploration into what our real intentions are and finding ways to open that portal of self-acceptance and love. 

Check it out: