Podcast: Doing what we love...or avoiding it

I have many passions in this life, from writing to cooking to teaching...and so much more. So often, the passions I have drive me to interact with them. My knitting needles sing to me like sirens, begging me to make another stitch, turn out another garment. The butter in my refridgerator reminds me every few weeks that it would love to be creamed with crunchy crystals of sugar and turned into fluffy, rich chocolate chip cookies. I love it. I can't stop myself from engaging.

Yet other things I love - like writing - I often, almost inexplicityly, avoid. At one time in my life, you would've had to pry my fingers off my keyboard. Writing was like breathing. I'd die if I was away from it for too long. Twenty years later, it takes an act of Congress to get me to my keyboard. And why? What blocks have I put in front of myself to distance myself from those passions that once nourished me? 

What would happen if we were able to remove those blocks and open those channels again.....? What if?????

P.S. I was so worried that I'd sound like an arrogant jerk when I was talking about one of my books...and sure enough, I mentioned that people have commented that my novel is "too smart for the average reader." Ummm...yeah, I sounded like an arrogant jerk. This is the downfall of podcasts - stuff falls out of your mouth sometimes without a filter and I stumble through it and say things I wish I hadn't said. Please forgive me. What I actually MEANT to say is that big publishers are more interested in "easy reading" (the equivalent to radio's "easy listening") because of its broad appeal, and my novel does not fall into the category of "easy" or "broad appeal." Plus...it might just suck and I don't know it. (Let's be honest.) In either case...I certainly didn't mean to imply that I, or any of my fans, think that my book is some intellectual jewel. Not in the slightest. So take it with a grain of salt....