#30daysto40 (or as I call it, #30daystoidontknowwhat)

Big birthdays = big thinking. Lots of processing going on. Laying down my thirties. Embracing the next decade. The old ways of defining ourselves often must be shed in order to move on. How scary. And how liberating. 

This has been my journey as I stand here on this very last day of my thirties. 

On the podcast:

1. Journeying toward a new decade

2. Aging and its wisdom and simultaneous irrelevance

3. How meditation has been pulling me back in

4. The gemstones I chose to work with through this transition

5. How reading my own energetic system has recently changed (more feminine energy, less masculine)

6. My encounter with three young bucks during a meditation session in the woods

7. How Elen of the Ways has become a spiritual messenger for me