The One Time You Shouldn't Trust Yourself (podcast)

We all want to trust our instincts and follow our hearts, but I've found that there's just one place where we shouldn't be so quick to trust ourselves: when it comes to our perceptions of ourselves. 

So many of us (myself included) judge ourselves so damn harshly. We forget our own awesomeness and fall into a hallucination in which we are faced this way and that with our flaws, with our imperfections, with our ultimate lack of worth. 

It's just a spell. It's a common type of sleeping spell that gives us inaccurate nightmares that we believe are real. And we buy into the spell because it gives us an out. It gives us an excuse not to try, not to fail, and not to manifest the imperfections that we fear define us. 

So what do we do about it?

Podcast: Can you let yourself be seen?

I already picked my words/themes for 2016 so it was quite a surprise that another one has popped up over the past several weeks. I'm not sure what the ultimate word will be, but it's along the lines of visibility. 

Image copyright: Yancy Lael

Image copyright: Yancy Lael

I have actually seen so many people grappling with this theme, as well. I think many of us are at a stage in our development in which we are ready for this. We are ready to be seen, or at least we are ready to face the fact that we have to allow ourselves to be seen if we want to achieve our dreams.

One of my biggest challenges in visibility has been in my writing. It has taken me years - no, decades - to allow myself to share my writing with others. But I still have a long way to go. I still largely hide what I do in my "offline life." I'm still afraid to reveal my dreams to others, worrying that they will respond by saying, "Who are you to achieve that?" or "You're not talented enough." 

But the message I have received again and again over the past few months is that I must learn to be more forthcoming about my writing and my dreams if I want to move forward. It's not an option to keep hiding anymore.

Even recording this podcast was a challenge - I was afraid to share this. But last night, I had a dream in which I told all my co-workers about my writing and they insisted that I plan a public reading. There was something about the dream that has haunted me ever since. I believe it symbolized a major shift in my energy...and maybe even predicted what's to come. 

It's time to let that light shine upon us and reveal everything. Everything. Scary. But exhilarating. 

Letting Go of New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions (Even When You Think You Haven't Made Any)

The good news is: I've revived my podcast! (Thanks, Lola, for inspiring me!) The bad news: This topic will probably upset a lot of people. Now, if you've been following for a while, you'll know I don't "do" subjects just to be provocative and controversial. That's not me. So I hope you'll give it a chance and see it for the opportunity for exploration that it was meant to be. 

The topic: Letting go of the idea of setting health goals as New Year's resolutions. (Letting go, letting go, letting go....) Because, at least in my opinion, most of the time we do that, it's really just a smokescreen to say, "I want to be skinnier." And most of the time, it's just more chasing our tails and setting ourselves up for failure when we could spend that time putting more love into our bodies. 

This isn't about throwing all health goals away, or advocating that obesity is the new black. It's not about letting ourselves go. And I don't think getting healthier is a bad thing, by any means. It's just a gentle exploration into what our real intentions are and finding ways to open that portal of self-acceptance and love. 

Check it out: