Episode 14: Rewilding Your Life with Lyn Thurman

I met the beautiful Lyn Thurman about two years ago in a Facebook group an instantly fell in love with her energy. There's something so calm, gentle, and accepting about her. She pulls you in, like the moon does the tide. (Which is pretty appropriate for her, being the Sea Whisperer that she is.) 

Lyn is the author of The Inner Goddess Revolution, a book that helps women connect to the goddess energy within and reconnect with your power and passion. She also created the Sea Whispers Oracle Deck - and yes, there's an app for that! (I have really enjoyed playing with it!) 

Lyn and I talked about writing, creativity, beauty, feminine power, earth-based spirituality, and ultimately, rewilding your life, which is the subject of her upcoming book. 

Ready? Let's go down to the shore, under the pull of this week's super moon and meet Lyn by the tide pools. 

You can find more from Lyn at:

Website: www.lynthurman.com
Book: The Inner Goddess Revolution
Instagram: @lynthurman
Facebook: Lyn Thurman
Twitter: @lynthurman
Deck: Sea Whispers Oracle Deck