Mini Spirit Guide Reading


Mini Spirit Guide Reading

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This is a simple reading in which I ask for information from the energies that are currently guiding you. My "specialty" is seeing animal and plant guides/totems. On occasion, other types of guides may come through, but primarily, these will be animals and plants.

As with energetic readings, I will share these messages with you via an MP3 file (15-30 minutes of content) which will be emailed to you within 7 business days of purchase. You don't have to book a meeting with me or anything - just click the Buy button, and the rest is up to me!

What kind of information do you get from spirit guide readings?

Spirit guides - even those from the green world - share information with me primarily through symbolism. Plants that I see in and around you alert me to energy that has come into your life or energy you need to cultivate. Animal totems often come with very clear messages and usual intend to work very closely with you as you work through your current spiritual lessons. In all my readings, I outline what the totems/guides share with me, as well as touching on their general symbolism in order to give you the most complete reading I can.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides, as I define them, as simply the energy of the Divine that comes to us with specific purpose and focus. They come in forms that we, as humans, can understand and recognize - plants, animals, angels, ancestors, etc. It's very important for me to be clear that I feel these spirit guides are Divine energy packaged in a "body" and "personality" (even the plants) in a way that helps our earth-bound souls more clearly understand and process the energies and lessons that come to us. In other words, these guides are not separate beings, but part of us and more importantly, part of the Divine Source.


I received so much value from your reading. I never expected it to be so powerful and in-depth. Your voice is so gentle and your words and energy so clear. The insights you shared were truly amazing and have helped me see myself better. I feel such renewed and hopeful energy moving forward. Thank you so much!
-Stephanie Lin, Spiritual Coach

Can I ask questions?

You can share where you would like me to focus in my reading (a business question, a relationship issue, etc.), but I tend to try to stay very general. I do this partly because I don't want information you give me to sway what I'm seeing or how I interpret it. Also, I can't always guarantee I'll be able to answer your particular question - however, what I see in the reading may end up being more helpful to you than having the answer to your particular question!

Can I ask follow-up questions?

Because I put a lot of time and energy into my readings, follow-up questions cost $10 each. You can send me the $10 via PayPal (my PayPal email address is or contact me via email to make other arrangements.

What do I do with the information I receive from this reading?

I will give you specific pointers within the reading itself, but in general, it's important to explore the energies that are present in your energetic system. I find this is best done through physical contact, when possible (i.e. working with herbs and plants in the forms of teas, smudges, etc.), and through meditation. This is the part of the journey where you have to plug in and do the work in order to really cooperate with the energies that are coming to work with you.


Thanks for all of your insights and tips - they are so helpful, spot on, and definitely have gotten me thinking.
-Jodi Chapman, Soul Speak

An important note

I ask that you take a very proactive position in response to your reading. It's essential for you to remember that you are in control of your thoughts, your circumstances and your destiny. If I interpret a message from your reading in a way that doesn't resonate with you - leave it. It may make sense for you to ruminate on it in case you discover an interpretation that makes more sense to you than mine did, or again, it just may not be something that is relevant to you now. (I do suggest you keep the recording for a year or two and listen to it again later on to see if something makes more sense in the future.)

Remember that no intuitive can tell you what you "should" or "shouldn't" do - whether or not to stay in a relationship, whether or not to get a new job. I personally believe that this is dangerous territory that violates a person's free choice. I will share my impressions of the energies around an issue in question, but it is always up to you to make the decision based on your own intuition.

Do not fall into the trap of ceding your intuition to another individual, including me. We all have times when we struggle to feel our way through difficult situations, but ultimately, we must remember that we do, indeed, have the power to hear our inner guidance and, more importantly, to act upon it. Let intuitive readings be a helpful guide, a nudge from spirit - but don't ever forget your own power to listen and act.


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