Soulful Skincare is a revolutionary approach to skincare - from the soul to the body. 


Soulful Skincare tackles not just skincare problems, but self-image, as well, with a compassionate, loving approach. This is how you'd hear it from your mom or best friend.  

You'll embark upon some major soul searching, set out on the journey of radical self-acceptance, clean up your diet, bust some major skincare myths and learn practical, simple ways to build a skincare routine that is right for you. In this world of unrelenting cosmetic advertisements, manipulative misinformation, inflammation-promoting diets, toxic skincare products and a refusal to accept the many faces of female beauty, Soulful Skincare will walk beside you, leading you step-by-step through the journey of healing your body, discovering your true beauty and creating the glow that goes way beyond your complexion.

You are not your skin. You are not your body. You are a soul. You are a cell in the body of the Divine. You are a magnificent product of Divine Creation. You are a moment of inspiration made manifest in a human body.
— Soulful Skincare

Soulful skincare is all about:


 ::Finding a sense of balance and flexibility within your diet that keeps you healthy while avoiding the perfectionism trap.

::Becoming a savvy consumer who is no longer prey to the misinformation pumped out by the cosmetic industry. You'll be free from the manipulation of fear-based marketing strategies.  


::Impressing your friends with how many methods you know for healing the skin using only items found in a typical kitchen. You'll be like the MacGyver of skincare, baby.

::Getting real about the dangerous chemicals in traditional skincare products and learning how replace them with cheaper, simpler, more natural products.  

:: Daring to step out of the box and try new skincare methods, challenge skincare myths and turn your mental paradigm upside-down.

::Developing a deep and abiding trust in your body and the ability to hear - and act upon - your intuitive guidance.  

::Taking control of your own story and removing the barriers that prevent you from seeing that you already are the person you always wanted to be.  

::Partnering up with the Divine to build an unshakable sense of self-love and the most radical self-acceptance you've ever experienced.  

::Contributing to the world around you by simply uncovering the glow that is already within you.


Our culture is obsessed with perfection, especially when it comes to the way women look. The parameters of acceptability as far as physical appearance go are so limiting that only a handful of women actually fall into this category. And the rest of us are left to either squeeze ourselves into molds that don’t fit, hating ourselves all the while, or we just give up entirely.
— Soulful Skincare

What you'll find inside Soulful Skincare:

::16 simple but profound spiritual exercises to help you clear your energy, dismantle your negative thought patterns and build a deep and genuine feeling of self-love.

::A detailed exploration of potential sources of inflammation in today's typical diet.

::7 cheap, simple, natural skin cleansing methods . If you think that skincare cleansers made in a lab are the only road to clear, healthy skin - think again!

::A detailed look at moisturizers (and recipes to make your own!).

::The truth about cleansing, toning and moisturizing - all the things the cosmetic industry doesn't want you to know.

::The miracle of medicinal teas, including a detailed list of herbs that help keep your skin glowing. You'll learn how to shop for teas that will get you the results you want and get step-by-step directions for blending and brewing your own teas.

::The straight story on makeup, from foundation to haircare products. What you need, what you should avoid and what's a waste of your money. 

::12 all-natural spot treatments for pimples that you can find right in your kitchen. 

::A profile of 19 oils that nourish and protect the skin. 

::Tips for adapting your skincare routine to your body's changing needs.

::Techniques and tools that will help you support your body's natural state of health from meditation to a little self-pampering.  

::Straight talk about essential oils - why they are great options for improving your skin's health and why you need to take them seriously.

::Recipes to get your started on your journey - from basic moisturizing balms to healing tea blends. 


::My own deeply personal story about my 20-year battle with my skin, and how I found my way to glowing health.