The Fox Bride

A woodland retelling of The Little Mermaid

Copyright Yancy Lael.

Copyright Yancy Lael.


The Fox Bride is a fairy tale for grownups about a young fox named Fionn who one day encounters a man in the woods. As she watches him, day after day, she cannot help but fall in love. Soon, she can think of nothing else but him and decides to use her magic to transform into a human so she can become his bride.

This story is based on Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid), the legend of the selkie women, and the swan maiden stories from folklore. What happens to a woman when she changes her skin for the man she loves, giving up everything she knows? What is the price of this sacrifice?

This tale comes with an essay about the origins of this story and the process of writing this book (including the personal experience that inspired me to write it).

It also includes not one, but two recipes. One for a dream tea (so you can do a little magic, just like Fionn) and one for a special balm I designed many years ago that everyone should have in their herbal first aid kit.

*This illustration (above) and other prints from The Fox Bride are available here.