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One night in the woods changed everything. Mary Raedwolfe returned home that night bloodied and bruised. Her family shocked the entire town by naming Homecoming King Peter Wilson as the perpetrator. Mary, however, had a certain reputation, and as such, no one believed her story.

But seven years later, now that she has returned, the question can no longer be ignored: What really happened to Mary Raedwolfe?

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"This book is hauntingly beautiful. The writer has a flowing, magical, spellbinding style that draws you in and brings you fully into the world she creates." 

What would you do if your sister knocked on your door after 7 years?

"I'm in love with all the characters in this book." 

Seven years ago, she disappeared into the mist. No one ever thought they would see her again. Until...

On a foggy September day, a blonde woman made her way along the street that ran through what used to be a thriving apple orchard. The town of Salome was no longer what it had once been – a thriving agricultural town – but it was still home, or rather, the only home Mary Raedwolfe had left. 

It had been seven years since she’d walked along that street, having disappeared just before her high school graduation. She knew the nosy neighbors would be watching when she knocked on the door of her brother’s house, remembering those days so long ago: how she’d stumbled home at all hours of the night, skipped classes, thrown beer bottles against the fence at Orchard Park.

No one had believed her when she’d claimed Peter Wilson had attacked her. No one but her aunt, Catherine, and her brother, Dan. People said she was a liar, that she had made the whole thing up and they refused to have anything to do with her or her family.

By the time Catherine’s body had been removed from the crumpled car on the shoulder of Route 299, Mary already had her bags packed.

Seven years later, she found that the past could not be ignored or forgotten. No one had forgiven her for what they believed was a false accusation, one that had threatened to destroy an innocent young man’s reputation. Her reappearance in town was met first with anger and later with the same kind of violence that had driven her away so long ago.

As Mary struggled to build a new life for herself in the unforgiving town in which she had grown up, the events preceding her disappearance began to come to light, answering, once and for all: What really happened to Mary Raedwolfe?

"[The Poison Box] is an unexpected novel in that it is a true piece of art; not a fluff piece or a guilty pleasure. It is an unflinchingly honest and deeply symbolic glimpse into aspects of human behavior and archetypal truths."