Why does it matter what I think of my appearance? Isn’t it just a form of vanity that I should learn to ignore?

A) Good luck ignoring it and B) I’m here to tell you that your discomfort, shame and/or hatred about how you look is affecting you in the following ways:

::Your ability to fully experience joy is inconsistent and sometimes nonexistent.

::You are avoiding life, in some form or another, to varying degrees.

::You are withholding the experience of pleasure from yourself – you’re living in a state of lack, whether you have realized it yet or not.

::You are creating walls around you that prevent you from getting what you want, need and deserve – intimacy, love and acceptance.

::You are creating an unattractive appearance just by believing it is unattractive, thus perpetuating the circumstances you fear the most.

Is this what you want for yourself? For the daughters, nieces, sisters and friends in your life?

Then stop the cycle and join us as we collect all our lost pieces and come into our power – the best kind of beauty there is!


What exactly are the assignments for this course?

Taking selfies, self-portraits and journaling using the prompts provided in each course packet. We'll be meeting online a few times during the course in order to share our insights and go deeper, as well.

What if I can’t complete the assignments on time?

It’s not a problem if you fall a bit behind. Over the course of 8 weeks, things will come up – illness, family issues, work commitments, etc. Because of the photography aspect, I’ve designed this course to give you more than enough time to complete at least one selfie assignment for each of the four modules – you have two weeks to play with each assignment. This time frame also allows you to dig deeper and do more, if you so choose. At a minimum, you’ll need about 1-2 hours a week for the assignments. It’s essential that you make sure, before signing up, that you can stick to this time commitment so that you can get the most out of this course. It’s all about the sharing and the dialogue on the Facebook SCIF group page and if you fall too far behind, you won’t get as much out of the program.

I’m concerned about privacy issues.

Your privacy is my #1 priority. I realize that posting pictures of yourself in a group of strangers on Facebook is not for everyone.

In order to alleviate people’s concerns, I will be asking everyone to electronically sign a Privacy Pledge before they are admitted to the Facebook group. Further, the group will be set to “Secret,” which means no one outside it will be able to search for it or see who is in it.

Do I have to be on Facebook in order to participate?

Yes. When I opened the beta version of this course in September 2014, the Facebook portion was optional and it was clear from the first week that the people participating via email were missing out on the best and most important aspect of the course: the sharing. The Facebook participants were on fire, inspiring one another (and me!) and cheering each other on. As I’ve said before, it’s all about the vulnerability of sharing and discussing.

I don’t have a fancy camera and don’t want to buy one.

There are no fancy supplies required for this course. You can use a cell phone, any digital (or film) camera or a simple webcam. Yes, we are going to get artistic, but this doesn’t require expensive cameras, equipment or expertise. Trust me, you’ll see!

Are you ready to go from selfie to self-acceptance?

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***Additional Information***

You must be 18 or older in order to participate.

Sorry, boys, this class is for the ladies!

Please read the yancylael.com terms & conditions before making a purchase. There are no refunds available for this course. If you have to change your plans for some reason, you can attend the next course or gift your spot to a friend.