Basic Book Cover (Consultation)


Basic Book Cover (Consultation)


You've heard it a million times before - that as an author, you have to expect people to judge your book by its cover, no matter what people say to the contrary.

Your book cover needs to emanate the right mood that will not only match your book's contents, but that will draw the reader in.

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I create simple KDP* (Amazon) book covers with an eye toward color, mood, style, and a little sophistication. I'll be the first to admit I'm not as talented as the graphic designers to make the covers for major publishing houses, but I'd like to think my book covers can hold their own in the bookstores.


  • $299: Basic Paperback Book Cover with artwork provided

  • $325: Basic Paperback Book Cover with no artwork provided

  • $270: Basic eBook Cover with artwork provided

  • $285: Basic eBook Cover with no artwork provided

  • $355: Complete Book Package (paperback and e-book) with artwork provided

  • $370: Complete Book Package (paperback and e-book) with no artwork provided

In order to purchase a book cover from me, we’ll start with a consultation. Before that, I'll need to know a little about your book. You'll have to fill out a short form in the purchasing process and then I’ll contact you to arrange a Skype meeting. I'll also eventually need your back cover blurb, a high-res headshot, and a short bio (I can help you with the blurb and the bio, if you need it).

If you have art for the cover, I'll look it over and we'll talk it through. If you don't, no problem! I can use creative common license stock photos.

I'll send you up to 3 drafts of the cover so you can give me feedback as I work, which means you'll have 3 chances to make changes before I finalize the cover.

You'll receive book covers in PDF and JPEG formats. You'll also receive attribution information to be included in the copyright section of your book. You can use your book cover in any manner you like, but I ask that you include my name as your book cover designer.

The fees listed here are estimates. Once I give you an official quote, you’ll pay half up front and the other half upon completion.

Ebooks or Paperbacks?

Either or both! You’ll see a breakdown of pricing (estimates) above. You can purchase both in the complete package.


In general, I complete book covers in 5-8 days, depending on my work load. If you need a super fast turn-around, email me and we'll see if we can arrange something that works for both parties.

*If you need covers for other platforms, email me at before purchasing.

Examples of my work:

Please read the Terms and Conditions before you make your purchase.